'Lords of LHP' book

Reading this book, I’ve notice that the Prince of Darkness is intended as ‘the principle of isolated intelligence’.
Do you know what does it means?
Has it a psychological meaning?


The greek word Daemon literally means intelligence. Not much different than the semetic tribes had the word melek for messenger. The Melek are Angels as well as demons being fallen Angels. Some people pray to Elijah at the table, and feel a sense of good intuition in life this is the impression Sandolphon can leave.
If you are conducting an operation with a black mirror and you get a true glimpse this is an impression, information being fed to you as intelligence or messages out of thin air is a significant phsycological responce.


That’s ultimately what our path is all about. Satan broke from god and order and isolated himself as Himself. When I die I’m not becoming a drop in the ocean of god - I’m becoming a God! ‘That I will become greater than the mortal I am leaving behind; the mortal which must die that a God will be born!’
Hail Myself that I seek to be!




Lords of the Left Hand Path is a brilliant book, well worth underlining and highlighting. I offer you my congratulations on owning and reading a fantastic book.


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