Lord Uphir - Surgeon of the Infernal Empire, Chakra Tune up Evocation

I would like to share my experience of 3rd Eye activation and Chakras tune up.

First Special Thanks to Lord Uphir, and Lord Lucifer who is the light bringer into my life.

Lord uphir is the one who can change your body physically, for the better health and magical works and by his work he impacts on your astral projection and divination as well.

he is the one who can activate each and any of your chakras even if you havent been into magic or witchcraft.

he also do surgery remotely not only on you but also on your clients.
as I have activated some of my clients 3rd eye by aid of Lord uphir.

you can also ask Lord uphir and Azazel to do this operation together on each and every Chakra together, they will analyze, refresh, tune up and balance all your chakras.

Lord uphir is the one who helped me to cure my clients impotency!!
Evoke him, and ask him the steps to let you know about the process.
You can combine your work with Azazel, and Belial to create a super human from yourself or your clients.

I am a surgeon myself, I live in China, people also adore the result of my operations in the hospital, they also call me golden hands. and as a doctor Lord uphir helps me a lot during my daily surgical operations.

lord uphir is the one who is very handful for doctors

Hail Infernal Empire, Lord Uphir, Father Lucifer who drills me knowlege and wisdom, Belial who is a great brother, King Paimon who is a teacher, Azazel who is my partner in my crimes.
Lord Lucifuge who is my man, Lord of Fly Beelzebub who shields me with his army and Lord Satan who helps me to fuck any one I like. and each and every of them who have been changing my life since I have become a Luciferian (since Nov 2018)

I also have to thanks to the true friend EA. Koetting who i always bother him a lot because of his abundant knowledge, my mad scientist J.S.Garrett who I always skype with for his awesome ideas and the brilliant teacher Bill Duvendack.who has broadened my vision towards initiation, practical magic, pact making and evocation.

I will update my post later…


Hey there @blackhat Please don’t make duplicate posts. They are frowned upon here. You have already posted this.

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you are right brotha, I removed the previous one.

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Can he help astral travel a lot? Like help you with it if you have never done it before?

Does he help heal people?

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Azazel, Belial, and Lord Uphir as well have ability to rip our DNA and build a new version of us, Lord Uphir is awesome, he clears all your cells and re-defines your brain again, he re-polishes your chakras and builds up all the connections like an IT engineer.

He is the Lord


Does he have a sigil? I really need him to help my mother’s kidneys start working again so she won’t have to go on a permanent dialysis machine.

if you are looking for Infernal healing (increasing your psychic matters and rebuilding and unveiling your suspended powers) Yes . He Does.

if you are seeking for physical healing you need to evoke Beelzebub and Lord Uphir together.

Lord uphir by himself can help with astral travel and hearing and seeing spirits?

Here you are

Yes He Activates your 3rd Eye first, and then continue your work with him, until your wishes come true.

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Man those clients are really lucky to have their 3rd eye get activated like that :sob: does that mean they can see spirits clearly now???
If only I can apply to be your client as well hehe

you can make sure 200% you will see all kinda entities, even the color of aura.
I am at your service brother.

Damnnn I had my eyes on Lord Uphir since some time but havent worked with him yet… Maybe I’m gonna call Lucifer and Uphir tonight :heart_eyes:
Any tips for working with Uphir? @blackhat :smiley:

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Could you ask a word from him about me? :sweat: I called him yesterday along with Lucifer but I dont know… :sweat: I want to rebuild my whole self through Him…

I don’t know who did it, but my mother’s kidneys are working again! Thanks to Dr. Buer, Dr. Marbas, Dr. Raphael and Lord Dr. Uphir.

Thank you! Thank you! Praise Lucifer!


He Said, Initiate yourself correctly through qiliphotic initiation, because Lord Uphir’s energy is very high and 3 of your chakras are not able to synchronize his energy to you, then ask Azazel first(he said) then Azazel will balance your chakras,(you have to evoke Azazel seven days in a row) you need Azazel first because you have been suffering from an issue recently, then call on Azazel and ask him to balance your Chakras, seven days Chakra by Chakra and after seven days Azazel will return you to Lord Uphir. on 8th day Uphir have to be evoked and he will come to you even if you cant see him. you have to work with Lord Uphir for 13 days, he told me he guarantees to open your 3rd eye, and gift you 13 unknowns powers of yours within 13 nights.

Lord Uphir is mysterious and I love working with him.
and remember, Lord Uphir has Direct Connection with AZAZEL and BELIAL and He Only Accepts Dedicated and Disciplined Black Magicians.

Hail the Inferno Empire

your job is done by all of them, this is called layered work, but next time dont combine Raphael, although his power is less than AZAZEl and Uphir, you can read the book of AZAZEL, there is story of Dante when Azazel ripped him for a better and he evoked Raphael to heal him, and Raphael confessed that he cant and referred Dante to Azazel again. Azazel and those who work on DNA, get this power from Lord Uphir and they work on it together. that’s why we call it infernal empire, because all the army from Lords to Dukes are cooperating together, and Lucifer is emperor, but he leads the Empire.
any member of the infernal army has special powers and Lords on top of their subordinates have all the powers as well, that’s why when you cant work with high ranked ones, you can reach to them through their sub ordinates(marquees,dukes,princes or etc)

and remember whenever your knowledge is not enough to go ahead in your magic works, Azazel and King paimon both are right there to teach you and let you be a great teacher of your own.)

Thank you so much :heart:
It feels so great hearing that from him… I really wish to grow myself to be more than I am :heart: Praise to Lord Lucifer, Lord Uphir, and Lord Azazel!!

Hello again. I’ve been working on my chakras since a week with Queen Lilith and Lord Lucifer. Azazel and I had some communication through someone where Azazel told me not to invoke him until i grow myself but he was the one whom i needed as a beginner
Then I continued to work on my chakras since a week with Lilith and Lucifer, and yesterday I felt intensely desired to call on Uphir, which I did yesterday and worked with him as if it was the first night of 13 nights. But the question being, was he ok with me? Could he connect to my chakras? But rn I feel confused if I should continue working with him, am I meant to? Or do i need to do more things before? Was it actually our first night?