Lord of the Flies

Hey guys, long time no post. Anyway, I need some opinions on a ritual to help get rid of flies. My friend’s backyard is infested with flies. It’s summer time in Louisiana so a flew flies are understandable but this is a ridiculous amount.
Would you recommend an offering to Beelzebub for his help in drawing the flies elsewhere? Or something else? My friend has tried the usual extermination tactics to no avail.


Don’t kill the spiders they eat all the nasties like flies and roaches

Baelzebub is a good idea.

If you don’t mind using the bible there is actually a verse in psalms that gets rid of pestilence

I haven’t forgotten you btw… just waiting for the right time :wink:


Use smoke

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Smoke is a good idea too… just becareful with it …where there’s smoke there’s fire :slight_smile:


What kind of smoke?

Hmmm… try a bunch of incense :joy:

Or a bon fire if it’s outside

Amanita fly traps work pretty well if you don’t have pets (or particularly adventurous/stupid kids)

Citronella smoke is what keeps bugs away. Also a ritual to Beelzebub certainly wouldn’t hurt.


This is useful. Incense-wise, copal, frankincense, pine resin and sage are all good repellents. They don’t like smoke that is bitter or citrusy. If you are down south just walk in the woods for an hour; you will have all the pine resin you could ever need for free.

This can be an indicator of bad septic systems and sewer lines, though. Get it checked. Even if your friend’s are okay it could be from a neighbor.


As a plumber, i approve of this message.

Respect for Beelzebub bump as well