Lord of the Air

With my eyes to the East Lord of the Air angel of the beast, am I good or evil I guess depends who you ask, To the witches house with their knowledge and books blessed me with Dark arts and forbidden secrets of life!! as the witches were taken and the books were taken they were burned alive as a fire raise so did the laughter Lucifer rise!!! At that point I knew there was no way home…As a fallen angels came to protect me they lead me to a path of darkness as Lucifer shed his light in my darkest hour. At the end of that path I was blessed with a crown and anointed with the flames of hell, for I am the black cloud the fallen angels fell through as I cry of rain and roaring thunder as a cry for me…I’ve been anointed with the Ashes & flames of hell from Most powerful King :crown:, the Serpent, the dragon “LUCIFER”
This was a poem I wrote for Lucifer …He of the past and present
Your spirit brother Benji666