Lord of Air?

Um , ordinarily I’d brush this off but the recurrence of the pattern and frequency of such seems odd. I dunno how relevant this is in a probabilistic sense.

I am outside and a fly …just a fruit fly buzzes right into my right eye. I’ve had a day weeks ago where it happened twice and it struck me as very relevant due to me thinking this isn’t something that’s statistically common…My question is is it?

Intuition makes me think it may be Beelzebuth trying to warn me or contact me for some reason, since he is associated with things of the air (Lord of that which flies ) …Has anyone else experienced this? I have yet to work with him admittedly. Maybe I’m wrong and its a statistically common occurence for flies to target one eye specifically (the right eye , the symbol of Ra as the eye of horus??)

Lucifer is Lord of the air. Beelzebub is Lord of flies.
Pazuzu is a storm God too.