Lord of Air Public Thanks and Message

Public thanks to Lucifer’s Lord of Air aspect. Requested help to ‘shine’ or be at my best, and he helped me bring out my best side.

It wasnt for power over legions. It wasnt for destruction, rebirth, taming the untamable, or explanation of the foundations of reality. It was the most basic thing: I want to show this woman I’m all she needs.

And Lucifer came through, his influence was gentle. For the first time in a while, I had the confidence to proverbially ‘let it all hang out’. Sex wasnt really on my agenda, hunting for the Bonnie to my Clyde.

Im just a bit happy, wanted to convey my thanks. I was super hesitant working with Lucifer, at first I’d only call on his Shemyaza mask. But we’ve been breaking barriers and growing.

“Don’t be hesitant to call on us. We are not strangers or outsiders, you are not beneath or alien to us. We are family to you, greet us as such and you will be recieved as such” - Lucifer


Thats what Matters :metal::metal::sunglasses:


Love this!


Only the best for you my friend!

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Loved this. Especially what Lucifer said. And he’s right. As black magicians, the only beings other than other black magicians that walk this crooked path are demons. Very well done :+1:



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The BALG community has a lot of my thanks as well. The knowledge is very helpful, but the support the community gives is invaluable. Without y’all I’d probably still think i was crazy, and id be running around empty houses with emf readers trying to prove ghosts are real lol

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