LORD MARCHOSIAS ''nice uniform son''

hello friends

I invited Lord Marchosias last night

i was wearing a black martial arts uniform and i dedicated ninja weapons to him since he is a fighter (nunchucks and ninja stars).

He told me that he liked my uniform and he thank me for the dedication of weapons. He said he will help me and push me to become great fighter throught training of course

The filling was that of a great friend and it seemed like a great connection.

what experinces do you have?


Hello @Salmu-Baraqu, please click this link https://forum.becomealivinggod.com/c/new-magician-help and make an introduction post, as it’s not optional.
Here’s some helpful Ideas for your intro:

And make sure also to read the forum’s rules

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thanks for pointing out

i have done my introduction


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A beautiful and delightful spirit, very feminine and charming. Delicate and gentle. But do not take her appearance literally, she is a ferocious warrior and acquired all the war mastery and tactics that is out there.


Having recently discovered Marchosias is my guardian demon, I bought a special offering candle (jasmine, topped with labradorite) and a talisman and made contact last night.

If, like me, you lose count while chanting enns, there are some useful videos on YouTube. I put on the talisman, lit the candle, and hit play on the enn video.

About halfway through, the candle flamed sputtered and flickered wildly. The room got even darker - so dark the shadows created by the candle flame disappeared. (It was after midnight, and the blackout curtains were closed, which rules out other light sources.)

Marquis Marchosias didn’t appear as a full-body manifestation, but I felt the presence - like a protective older brother. I asked for his help in getting my life into better shape (I know I can do so much more) and left the candle to burn for a bit. (He was very patient when my surviving cat interrupted. She does that a LOT.)

It came to me to wear the talisman to bed (or maybe Marchosias suggested it?). I proceeded to conk right out and stay asleep until the cat woke me up wanting food, then I went back to bed, conked back out, and stayed asleep for hours. I’m a VERY light sleeper, wake up a lot, and toss and turn. Last night I didn’t even move, as far as I can tell. For the first time in over two years, I woke up feeling rested.

I already like where this is going.


I’m very very interested in contacting as well,