Looks like someone has some explaining to do

I first did a truth spell on someone. Then I asked my Tarot cards if this person was hiding anything from me.

I got in this order… Ace of Wands The Emperor and The Fool

Im still learning but sounds like a message is forthcoming regarding something that has been “hidden” from me or he has been dishonest about??


Which deck are using? I have the true black set, and while I’ve seen amazing things from it the entire year I’ve owned it, I think a lot of the representations in my book differ from more traditional decks. I have exactly zero experience with 99.9% of the decks floating around out there.

Was it a past, present future spread or what exactly? I do those, the horseshoe spread and sometimes just have people pull what feels right to them and read like they are a story.

In my deck Ace of wands is a positive card, encouraging creativity, and speaks of embarking upon a new journey. It might seem like a risky journey, but it is likely to be full of opportunities.

Emperor, likewise I view as not being negative, it speaks about keeping things in control, by maintaining order, structure and security. Too much of these things can be bad, but in moderation and with balance it leads to productivity.

The fool, once again speaks about embarking on new journeys that can be scary, yet fulfilling. Trust your instincts along the way, when you are the fool you lack the knowledge to base your decisions on. The fool can only follow his heart.

Tarot can be a funny thing and answer questions we didn’t ask- or Least my deck seems to do that sometimes. - food for thought.

I guess my other questions are why do you think he’s hiding something?

Are either of you about to make a major change in life? If he is hiding something … has he lost his job due to covid? Is worrying about what may happen over the next few months?

Sometimes we hide our thoughts because they make us afraid, we are embarrassed to talk about it, or we think no one else gets it or we are stuck in our own damned heads- not because It’s bad or we are doing something wrong, or we don’t trust the other person. If he’s the fool, maybe he lacks what he needs to make decisions he’s facing or to speak to you about them.

Ultimately. The fool asks you to follow your heart.

What does your heart say?


My card deck is The Mythic Tarot based on the Greek Gods and Goddesses.

I just drew three cards as im still learning and asked if he was hiding anything from me. I just have an odd suspicion for some reason. I went from top to bottom and just shuffled until a card jumped (actually this is how I do all my readings.) And those were the three that came out of the deck.

Nope his job is very secure and we have no major life changing decisions in the works. Something just feels “off”. I did come into my sewing room and saw some of my personal books a bit “messed up” and wondered if he was snooping in my room for some reason (namely I keep a journal for my Tarot as again in still learning the cards). He knows not to do that (he got the bad end of a deal when he went snooping in my BOS) and im not sure why he would be in here doing that.


Sounds like he thinks your the one keeping secrets. Maybe he’s curious about your practices. Do you speak to him about it? If you’ve already had an issue with him worrying and snooping, something is probably making him feel insecure.

If he’s open to what your doing I’d suggest talking to him about it and maybe trying to include him once in a while. I don’t mean give him every detail, but include him in your thoughts as you learn, the questions you have about your path that remain elusive to you, invite him to join you, even if he doesn’t participate.

A lot of times when we walk this path, we kinda well up and don’t share with those around us. Sometimes we can’t. Sometimes we aren’t sure how they will take or how they will react, sometimes they want nothing to do with it but don’t care if you do, and other yet, it’s not acceptable to them.

This can create a gap in our relationship that makes our partners, close ones, families… feel disconnected and left out.

It’s bad mojo, even for an otherwise healthy practice.

Hope this makes sense.

creativity; spark of energy; confidence

authority; fathering; structure

folly; beginnings; innocence

If this person is hiding something from you, they either are hiding news of a promotion or contact with a father/father figure.


Actually yes I do. I don’t keep anything hidden really. As a witch I don’t tell him everything and I have explained why (that some spells are just not spoken about because some entities/deities if called upon don’t like it and/or it causes the spell to lose its strength and power). But for the most part I dont keep anything from him and answer questions. He has known Im a witch from day one (over 23 years) so this isn’t new to him at all.

It has been revealed. Truth spell and cards were right.

Dang it. I knew it.

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I am sorry. I hope you’re okay.



Hey! Nice to see you, hope you are feeling better!


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Im fine thanks. I got what i asked for. Bit of a shock but whatever lol. Onward and upward