Looking To meet a nice Hindu India Woman

im looking to meet and get to know a India woman who is Hindu Religon and studys mr Koettings books and Balg books and programs.freindship is the best way to meet a woman.

Have you tried his Facebook page as well? And maybe Hindu dating sites.

well i figured that i might be able to meet a Hindu woman here since Balg has so many subjects about the occult.i dont want to cause problems,ive seen recent posts on balg about adding chat rooms and dating and freindship.

Sure, I just thought that might also be a good idea, extend your “audience” a bit. :slight_smile:

thank you ill keep that in mind.is there a spot for new ideas thread in Balg Forum.

If you want to propose an idea, PM me or one of the other mods, that’s probably best.

I am Hindu Indian boy ! U can pm me if u want to knw anything about them

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Fak shi*,WE Wants Off-icial Balg Hookahup thread NOW !! Where dem gods und godsses get to get Naughty ;-> :-*

This is rare for me- damn near a violation on several levels- not sure how much this forum needs to be a hook up site. Far Far more empowering and worthwhile issues. there are hundreds of far better forums. just my opinion

We have a general thing on here whereby people can post wanting to meet magicians in their area, that’s been going on since the early days of the forum, but I don’t know how useful this is as a dating site (especially for meeting women who adhere to a particular religion) - just please be responsible, don’t make a drama where none needs to exist, and we should all be happy little gods, wizards, pixies, etc. :slight_smile:

none of you make the rules.so if you dont like it go somewhere else.sorry im only interested in women.

I warned about drama.

This forum is for friendly and helpful discussion about magick and not for point-scoring. While meeting other magicians on here is an established use, since this thread is now causing more problems than it solves, it’s therefore being locked.