Looking to hire

I’m not sure which subject this would fall under but I’m incredibly interested in hiring someone who has good references and back up to show they are legitimate in what they do to do some type of black magic spell for me involving love and a small bit of… not so much banishment because she has kids but making sure all feelings are completely gone.

Maybe you just need some energy work where the tethers between you two are severed and some shield walls are placed between you two.


I’ve had some white magic and candle spells done but they haven’t fully done what I hoped. I don’t want the girl completely gone because they have kids, but I want both of their feelings for each other completely removed.
And something to push him more toward moving here with me faster and only caring about me.

Yeahhh…sorry, can’t help you there.

@colormelovelyx Sorry to say that, but trying to hire someone on the forum is against the rules.
People here may be able to help you for free, but only if they feel like it, since they don’t really have to.

If you wish to pay for a ritual, then there are others sites for that.


Sorry! I wasn’t aware of that. I had asked for help before and had many people say that no one likes to do it for free so I thought this may have been a better option

You can go to Becomealivinggod page and book a consultation and also there are ritual for hire.

Good Luck mate! :call_me_hand:

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