Looking to hire someone for a love spell

Looking to hire someone to do a love/lust spell on someone specific. Have done several spells myself but want a little bit of oomph. Dm me if you have any questions.

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Your post can be translated as “I am waiting for scammers. Scam me nice.”. In this area you must study to do things by yourself.


Good point

Yeah. I was in similar situation sixteen years ago when I started practicing. But not for exactly for love. Ask yourself if you had real power to compel people to love/obey you would you loose time to get little amounts of money from random desperate people?

No one on this forum can offer services. If you want to hire someone, go to becomealivinggod.com and look in the rituals for hire section.

This was your intro, yes?

Now take a look at all your topics, there’s 33 of them exactly since Nov 2018 almost a year.

As I read through your topics there is no end goals that I can see. Your topics are all over the place and suggests in your time here, you have not learned much.

Pointing this out is not meant to put you down in any way, other than to say you’re not focused in my opinion. I know there’s lot’s of things you want, and I am sure things that you’re capable of but I feel that your magickal efforts would be better spent building you up rather that tearing others down.

Get your goals in order, find a magickal system that works for you, dedicate yourself, study the hell out of it and practice.