Looking to expand knowledge within each field

Hello this is Barbungar Mora sealo and I am looking to expand on my pool of knowledge with that of others. Currently I just have a few abilities (not sure if I would call it magic though) that i practice. My main beliefs I guess you can call them are elemental, necromancy, and toeism. I seek to build on my knowledge and think it’s a rather fun field to study on. To be blunt I am more spiritual but hold zero preduce against any of the God’s. I would like to build not only one the knowledge of each of them but also the personal experiences of others with magic and the likes. I strive as a decent warrior, nutritionalist, and elemental lover, as well as a large bank of knowledge on empathy and love. These are a few of my better traits though I am not perfect at them but I back them unless I realize that I am proven wrong.


Welcome aboard :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:


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I think that was Taoism lol


Yes just a miss spell didn’t catch it in time

Well welcome:)
Glad to meet you.
So what would you like to expand on? Yo day everything but surely there are area you really want to focus on that peak your interest?:slight_smile:

Mainly healing magic to start for that of life elements if possible that’s the main on and thanks for the reply. I am rather new to this topic had seen it in the past but kinda got too busy to actually get around to it but being pressured away from it by certain people too sadly. But what are the better points to start? Have any personal suggestions?

Healing starts with energy:)
That’s the great news!! Normally if one was to say “you’re full of it”-
It would be an insult
However with healing and energy you are in fact full of it!! That’s a good thing:)
Learning how to harness that and use the elements and the Ancients to channel that power back thru you to affect and heal others is the task at hand:)
I am sorry to hear you may be having a negative experience with those to wish to cast you aside for that endeavor.
But do not let anyone away you from that passion.
The desire is a confirmation that your destination is likely there.
Energy healing, crystals and stones, reiki, herbal alchemy so so much more exists that is knowledge given to us by the Ancients to care for these vessels we are dwelling in.
And we must care for our bodies especially since the greediness and weakminded of mankind has pushed most of us into unhealthy troughs like livestock. Adding poisons to our air and food and water.
So yes!!! You are important!!! Pursue that with all your heart! I’d love to hear more when you have time!!

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Ok cool I will check these methods I think I am also going to work with death energy to for balancing it. Stick with these fields for a few. Love building knowledge it makes one knowledge able

Explain more about your interest in death energy I would enjoy hearing about it

Mainly more about death not into that crazy dishonorable stuff like grave robbing and all. I used to have a strong sense for smelling death scent or at least a few times in the past one being when my granny was about to die and family animals (not to be confused with sickness scent) but just studies in general it’s ranged. It used to hurt my senses but over time I guess it dulled off. But just in general information on it. Debating in right now.

As a teen age young adult, I would have a wicked curiousity about death and watching things die.
And withit sensing that struggle to cling to this fabric and life.
As well as the submission to it’s painful end.
I used to pull over to the side of the road when I would find a car I front of me had struck an animal.
I would stand there knowing death was imminent and merely observe.
With all my basic senses and also with my spiritual senses.
Years later as I worked around people, it was inevitable that one or more would pass within a season at my place of work back then so I would frequent that room (out of necessity but also curiousity) and did behold from several feet away, one pass from this veil to the next.
The energy struggle and release can only be described as an atomic bomb spiritually.
It was potent and lingering.

It was really unwelcoming for me I didn’t want to sense the animals and people were close to dieing. It was a decent indicator for death but I would not want to let it die if I had the chance to save it I realize most fear death and that’s not a good way to die. But a decent tool.