Looking to cross the threshold

Afternoon all,

I have been practicing divination loosely for a good two years or so, more so recently. I’ve done scrying through a black mirror, some pendulum work, and touched on some tarot. I’m really drawn to the mirror so I have been working on that mostly now. I never seem to get a clear impression of what I’m trying to see, mostly spontaneous images mentally more than actually seeing anything in the mirror. Those images sometimes have nothing to do with what I’m looking for as well, or I just didn’t look into the meaning of these images enough not sure. Actually I barely notice the mirror at all and I cycle through the images and that “Blue fog” type of appearance on or in the mirror not too sure. I’m guessing continued practice will clear this up or am I doing something wrong?


Divination be the art of dream interpret. The use of imagination entwine to intuitive understanding wherein the images beheld are translated to messages of wisdom.

In truth I tell you, all things can be a tool of divination. And the blocks within may be naught more than imagination lacking a common link in which to bind meaning to reason.

To divine is to read the subtle energy patterns on the wind and understand. Expand understanding within the box you wish to divine, cast further from yourself new meanings and signs for which to draw.

There is no wrong. Nor is there a right. Within you and within alone are the answers sought. Let not the words of others stain your mind and may they be only a trigger that ignites the wisdom within your core.

Hard to say, but continued practice is usually good because you set the intention strongly and very often your mind will just start clicking into plavce and working as it should.

Crappy answer maybe :wink: but that was how I mastered the pendulum, many years ago - just kept going until I finally linked whatever neurons and broke whatever was holding back my mind from seeing that little bit forward to deliver accurate answers.

I find the pendulum to be dead on or extremely off, I have to test it beforehand to see what mood its in. I have used it for dowsing with better results. “Show me where…is” works well.

I tie emotion into the questions, so instead of Y/N I ask stuff like, “Will I regret this” or some other thing, and then go completely blank mentally/emotionally during the actual dowsing.

Took me a few years to get it down and to suspend every thought for the actual swing, after having just got into such a focused state for asking! I figured a little work upfront would pay off in having such a handy tool, and while I’m not infallible, I’ve got pretty good with it (if you’ll please pardon my immodesty there!).

Thanks for the advice everyone! I’m definitely making some headway I did a black mirror srying today where some of the images were definitely muddled, but there were some that was pretty damn clear.I still don’t know what was being shown to me in relevance to my question, but I’m still baby stepping towards my goal.