Looking through the third eye

I always read things like looking through your third eyes and seeing spirits in your third eye but I never learned how actually see through it. I see opening your third eye, developing your third eye and such, but I know that those are both the same things so that puts me at a stump. Do you just have to keep working on it until you naturally start seeing through them? Or are there methods as to see through them? Also, how do you naturally see spirits like through your everyday eyes.

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:laughing: that moment when your third eye is open but you have no clue how to use it! I close my eyes and relax! I get some visuals but snap out of the meditation state as soon as it’s almost clear as day! In my normal eyes I sometimes see shadows passing around! It’s fast and sometimes it feels like I went blind for a second!
The theta gamma sync state is the key to all this!


Of course it is…


Didn’t get what you meant by ‘’ See through them ‘’ but let me tell how the 3rd eye thing works.

It is also known as the eye of knowledge. Basically if you activate it then you will be able to see—

1- Astral beings. If it is opened a bit more then Casual beings too. There is no limit to how many realms are there so more opened it is more classes of being U will be able to see, from higher realms. ( There are also physical things here also which we can’t perceive as the vibration-frequency isn’t same as ours. U can see-experience them too )

2- You will be able to penetrate a being and see of what it is made of. Like it’s substance, energy/entities. And if it is opened a bit more then you will see what each of those individual beings are made of. It can go on.

3- you will be able to see a thing starting from it’s birth to it’s death, how it will change in course of time and what it was in the past. U will see all those in an instant the moment U put a glance on it or him.

Just looking at a book once u will get all the knowledge from it.

4- You can also increase the boundary of your perception. Like right now you can focus on only one object. By increasing the boundary you can look at 200 different things within a range and get all it’s information instantly.

5- After increasing the boundary you can also ‘expand your consciousness’ and feel all the animals-insects or any other being is feeling - each and every sensation of them within a range.

There is no limit to how much ‘OPENED’ your third eye can be. Once read a biography of a Siddha where he says that when one can see someone’s 25 past lives and 25 future lives like one single picture just by looking once then know that ’ YOU HAVE JUST STARTED THE PATH OF THE EYE OF KNOWLEDGE '. Just Started !


Damn, you just dropped some good cold hard knowledge on my beginner ass. Anyway, thanks now I want to develop it even further.


Lol, technically you are the senior one here with ’ Regular ’ status. I am thinking of personally contacting Timothy to get mine. May be some bribe will also help.

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The amount of time and participation I put in on the forum doesn’t matter when it comes to practice. I assume you have more skills and practice than I.

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