Looking for Submissions or Ideas

Just curious, if anyone here has some ideas for some topics they would like to discuss for my youtube channel? I have gained an additional 55 followers in just the last 5 weeks. My followers count is not super high but it’s growing very rapidly and I am getting a lot of good feedback on some of my videos, and people are wanting more but I am not sure of what kinds of topics I should post. I do not want my channel to be a repeat of things that have already been discussed elsewhere 10,000 times before.

I want the content to be unique, odd, and different, topics that really get you thinking and possibly stir up a little controversy too. I also want to make sure that I have a black magick section in addition to white magick and am just not sure what types of black magick subjects I should cover

If anyone here has some good ideas and it’s a subject that I know about but am just not recalling it at the moment, send me a PM and give me some ideas. I will give you credit in the form of a shoutout to your username at the beginning of the video, if I decide to make a video based on the subject matter or topic ideas that you provide me with. Or, if you are really brave you can film yourself or record yourself talking and we can work out a way for you to email the files to me and I can add your footage to my video.

If you send me the following video or audio files I can edit them for quality and include them in an upcoming video (like a collaboration) and I will of course let you see the final version of the video BEFORE I upload anything to youtube to make sure you are okay with it. You can send me an audio file if you have somwthing to say but would rather not be seen on camera for privacy or personal reasons.

I can easily edit and include the following file types in my videos:


and possibly, a few other file types can be converted into the file types listed above. Just send me a PM. Anyone here that has worked with me before on a collaborated effort, will tell you that I am good for my word and that when I promise to give someone else credit for their contributions, I will. I just think that if I can get a few more brilliant minded magicians working with me (even if they prefer to remain anonymous or private) that I can get a whole lot more content and videos posted which would really help to grow my channel.

The goal of my channel is not to initiate fame for myself, and not to make money (as the only form of money I make for my videos is a few cents here and there for having ads attached to my videos), but my goal is to spread the word about magick in general and help E.A. in his movement to show people how magick truly works, and show them that you can become a god without having to pay for expensive teachers, and classes, or tons of books, you don’t have to join a secret order with monthly membership fees and strict rules, and show people how Hollywood has ruined and corrupted the reputation of magick and magicians over the last several decades.

My goal is to properly educate the thrill seekers and fluffy bunnies and I feel strongly compelled to teach others and do it in a way where the content appeals to people from all paths (all magick based paths that is, I mean education for magickal practitioners only but it doesn’t matter what type of magick you practice) but I do want to eventually have an extensive section for black magick. Even if you only want to share some artwork that you did as a dedication to a god, goddess, demon, or angel, if I get enough dedication artwork I can create a video art gallery or something.

So just let me know if you have any ideas, I am very open to including good subject material if anyone here is willing to help me expand and get this movement for REAL magick education spread even further! This is free, I do not charge any fees for submissions so send me your ideas. If your idea is not the type of content that is best suited to my channel, I may consider posting it to my blog instead but you will be credited for anything of yours that I decide to use. I have a mass following developing on other sites so I think if we can add a substantial amount of varied and unique content, that we can grow and expand very quickly.

And if anyone here has their own blog or channel that has a substantial following, I am open to becoming affiliates with you (not for monetary gain) but just to link up to each other’s websites, to help each other get recognized with backlinks. I do it all the time with my online stores and other blogs and it works very well to pull in traffic for both parties.

Maybe working with unknown entities? Like when you get a name while aping

Ways to hide your magick in adverse circs - I think since 2008 we’ve seen a ton of people (at least in the US that I know of) forced to move back “home” aka back to parents or maybe other family, and people seem to struggle with:

  1. how to hide stuff
  2. what’s essential and what can be dispensed with
  3. what alternatives are there (like outdoors, astral Temple etc).

Also, placing wards on pets, kids, family members (especially if they’re Xian and the person wants to work satanic/anti-Xian methods).

I think you helping people with this topic would be really cool - “stealth magick” or whatever?

The power of breath, how every language has a word that means breath and spirit, and how breath is a vitalizing power seen in every major religion, from the Breath of God that made Adam a living being in the Bible, to the Hymn of Creation in the Rig Veda which says, “That One Thing, breathless, breathed by its own nature.”

Franz Bardon expands on this concept, claiming that breath is the supreme power of the magus. In his book, Initiation into Hermeneutics, he teaches that breath can attain anything we desire.

William R. Mistele, a disciple of Bardon, first brought to my attention the idea that breath is the method by which we attain immortality.

Good suggestion Eva. I grew up in a christian home and I know a ton of tricks for hiding magickal tools and “evidence”. Never thought of that topic but it’s something that I know a lot about. And as for essentials, that’s a good one too. So many people think they have to buy $200 worth of tools to start casting spells effectively. I will see what I can do.

You could see if you’re suitable for Patreon, and/or adding a “donate/buy me a coffee” button? “Buy me a coffee” is much less like being a beggar/needy, IMO, it’s something most people can relate to and makes it clear you’re not being desperate, just saying “Hey, if you like this, you can give me a little treat, and if not, that’s cool too” kind of thing…

These are more common these days, I support 3 specific sites which have them and whose services/information helps me most.

All my tools and magickal paraphernalia is hidden in plain sight. My ritual sword is a lord of the rings replica, it sits on the wall as a nice decorative piece. Many of my other tools are antiquities which sit nicely on the shelves as cultural art until I need to use them. Sigils and pentacles are always modern art or expressions in geometry. You can hide all that stuff if it seems mundane enough and you have realistic answers if anyone asks.

Why not do a video on your work with King Paimon?

You have already created a good thread on working with him you could create a video using the content from it. And also add anything else you missed out and anything that has developed since then.

I know in the months to come I will have quite a bit to share regarding my work with King Paimon.
I don’t know how much I will be sharing, but I can say things certainly are happening.
At least keep this in mind for videos you create down the road.

Hail King Paimon!

Those are good ways to hide stuff Adam, I know a few people who also do that. And Death Wish, I was actually planning on doing a video about King Paimon a while back but I was waiting until I had a substantial amount of work and findings to go on. I have been working on a presentation for that because if I just wing it and improv, I tend to ramble on endlessly so it’s best if I have a lecture somewhat planned out first, especially for such a large subject like discussions on specific demons.

Okay, I made 2 videos just a few minutes ago based on the suggestions from Lady Eva about essential tools and household items you can use for witchcraft purposes if you have to hide your practices. I gave you a shout out Eva in the videos, all I said was “a suggestion from Lady Eva who is a member of an online forum that I frequent” hope that’s okay with you? If not let me know, because I am getting ready to edit and upload the videos in just a few minutes but it will take me about an hour to do that.

Also, Adam I quoted what you said about the sword and using mundane objects in place of store bought tools so they will blend in with your home decor. I also gave you a shout out, if that’s okay with you?

Still have some more videos to do but I can only film my videos during certain times when my family is gone, otherwise I would be adding new videos every other day. But most of my subscribers are patient with me.

God, it took me 4 hours to edit and upload those videos.

Hi Raven, I think many people who turn towards the left hand path do so because of the strong outside influences that try to control us, not to mention the hurt and pain that many of us (myself included) have gone through because of these conflicts and other situations such as our relationships with others.

With this in mind, I believe the majority not only want… but NEED solid down to earth instruction on the application of the mysteries to help them in practical ways, which is of cause a big aspect of black magic and the underlying motivation of many people’s interest within it.

I have been part of this forum now for around 13 months but I don’t post much (148 to date) as I’m not that type I guess. However…the posts that get most attention are usually the one’s which offer simple no-nonsense instruction on various applications regarding ritual magic.

So as you can see, it’s a familiar picture that tends to happen because of the underlying theme for peoples initial interests and motives within this beautiful and intriguing world of the occult we love so much.

Black magic is one way that allows us to reclaim back our control and master not only our selves, but connect back to the source; so is it any wonder that many just want straight to the point instruction, which is broken down chunk by chunk and presented in a practical format.