Looking for someone who works/worked with Amaterasu, Ashtaroth and Tiamat

I need to be restored, i want to let go of vengance, and start living a good life.

Please, i need to be restored.

In general, i wanna be less selfish, and put the people i love, first.

In mundane, i wanna do art, animation,maybe some game dev to entertain people and make them happy.
I want to have a family that i will exhaust myself for.

in spiritual matters: i wanna be with my goddeses who i love, and i wanna help other broken people, to echo the redemption i received at the 13th of december 2019
…i wanna keep echoing the mercy, the restoration that i will receive
And i wanna create entities and realms.

I wanna be alive and create life.


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do you know anyone? @Lady_Eva

Amaterasu is someone I’ve worked with, and Tiamat once claimed she watches over me.

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I could offer you my sigil, I’ve been looking for someone to give it to.

I work very deeply with healing


Maybe you also consider working with Vajrasattva and Green Tara (they can give peace of mind, heart, soul and mind, focus on knowing yourself)? I know Astaroth (but didn’t work with Astarte).

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i have a personal history with the listed entities…thats why i asked…
But i thank you still :slight_smile:

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You can create realms in the astral, you can create ‘entities’ in the astral.

I’ve mostly experience with Tiamat and Amaterasu.

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Is there anything Tiamat wants to say to me… I’ve felt pulling towards her

Uh, I don’t think I can answer that lol. That’s something that requires a tarot reading and more or so you taking the initiative to reach out to her. I only know Tiamat through my time prior to reincarnation and Amaterasu due to her connection to Inari.

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Start doing it then, look for opportunities, smile at people (even if you’re wearing a mask, people see it in your eyes), find some voluntary work like litterpicking that’s outdoors and healthy. :+1:

(Re-)read this too, I implore you:


Well, you have to be worthy, first of all.

If you are, then applying to a deity of your choice will get the intended result.

However, I wouldn’t ask for too many things at once, if a deity does visit you, it is usually best to just ask for one thing, your heart’s true desire at that point in time. We are always preoccupied with one particular thing in each stage of life and that is what you should focus your energies and attention on.

I work with Inanna and some of the other Anunnaki. Since Inanna is Queen of Heaven and Goddess of Love, she may listen to your petition. I would recommend that you apply to her with a simple and heartfelt request, she may very well give you what you desire the most.

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Worked with Tiamat and Astaroth. Can PM me and we can talk mate.

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