Looking for someone to possess me


To chat about the specifics I’m looking for someone to possess me at least for a little while to prove that there’s something to this so called magick thing. I was hoping that it might give me experience with something like that. I was hoping that I would be able to do something like this as well in the future. I’m just looking for someone that’s gone through the soul travel course up to the point where you’re able to possess someone however briefly. if you’re interested in looking me up on skype it’s theinnerdarkness.


I once possesed the body of a Chinese man for about 3-5 minutes. But it was totally random and I have no Idea how I got there but I would like to experiment with this in the future under controlled conditions and it’s synchronicity that you happen to post this as I have been thinking about it the past couple days. Send me a Pm with email or however you would like to communicate I’m down for this challenge. :wink:


Did you ever do this? If so what were the results?

I’m curious about what happened too!

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Hey we haven’t gotten around to trying this yet. Sorry, the ad’s only been up for a day. We’re still trying to make arrangements to try and get this done sorry about the inconvenience. I’m curious to have my first experience with real magick as well even if it turns out to be a relatively negative one.


Maybe evoke you ?

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I haven’t done the whole Koettings courses yet only the soul travel one. I’m just starting the soul travel one. I’m still a magical newbie.


I mean you could evoke me and that specific peice of me will possess you. However if I help you I wanna know the experience you had lol just out of pure curiosity.

Rumor has it that this is how a lot of magickal order members remain ‘immortal’, the possess the body of another mage after death


Now I wanna do a group project where five people work with my godform and human self. And eventually they possess each other. I’m purely interested in the results


Interesting, such a Thing gone through my perceptions aswell…
This concept of immortality,
however, isn’t so interesting to me…
Being immortal any time you aren’t incarnated,
seems fair well enough to me…

Still it raised the question to my mind:

If in Monotheism Soul is used to employ fears and shames into human minds,
And in Bhudism Based Systems, there is the teaching:
All Things are Empty, Kong.
There is no individual Soul,
but rather a Breath of Prana, connecting all there is…

i find it difficult, to apply those teachings to any thought process, currently…
Since one is based on disolving Ego, and becoming empty,
while the other is based on Developing the Ego,
So it may eventually break free,
and become immortal that way…

SO in regards of infinity,
my Point of view was allways,
if you try to process all Memory you gathered at a single Point,
you just feel traumatized, and dizzled, and overwhelmed by it…

But at the same time, all you do to defocus, is just trying to supress a force, which battles it’s way straight out of you anyways…

uhm, guess that’s been my opinions, and questions, regarding your Experiment.

Sill, i’m also interested in how it works out. :wink:


Oh and there is the other issue,
that communication based Connection,
seems to polarize all involved persons…

So for example, for one Person being seemingly lazy,
or overfocusing on the mental part,

another Person is completly streched into their work,
stuff like that, i’ve seen a lot going on…

And that Ego-Fights of “who haves the upper Hand? I want to be the best, and therefore, there can’t be any better then me - but then the universe Comes around and says - there will always be someone better, or stronger, or smarter then you are currently…”

  • i mean this whole concept of rivalism…

is that really a way into liberation?
into being free?
Not talking bout FreeDOM, here…
But about someone really trying to BE Becomming freely…

It just seems,
like one mechanic Counters the other,
leaving a very tiny, narrow room in between, where “now” happens…

which reminds me on Bhudist related teachers, saying it’s necessary to give for others, what is seeked for the self, so all may benefit from it…

Again, that haves been boggled around my mind a lot…

One side Sayin: You have to obey, and pray, on someone else then you,
on the other side, having that Task open, of disolving ego,
gettin rid of, or at least cleansed and purified,
the self…


Did you do it? How did it go?

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I think I tried but didn’t have the success I had like I did the time I accidentally posessed the guy in China.


Ok. Hopefully you can perfect that skill.


Oh I stopped trying because I felt it was a waste of time.