Looking for some support

Hello everyone

Just looking for some help, support, guidance, suggestions, etc.

Over the past few years my marriage has been strained by my me shutting down and pulling away when things get though. This culminated with my wife having an affair with one of my best friends. It was on display for everyone to see in Facebook. It broke me down to the lowest possible feeling of self worth I could have. The only thing that kept me going and fighting was my 2 yr old son. The affair has ended but the remnants of other events( an arrest and charges filed) have kept us from trying to work things out. I feel like we will never get the chance to fully work on our marriage given what’s happened and the ties that were involved. The thought of divorce and only seeing my son 8-10 times a month is unbearable and I don’t know if I could continue living like that.

Anyone else been in a similar situation and what did you do to help cope?

I have heard that some spirits are good with legal matters such as custody hearings.

Might be worth looking into.