Looking for some Guidance and Advice [Love Spell]

Hello all!

So this is a follow up post. I’ll try and keep it short and sweet. All help, advice and insight would be amazing! i thank you all for reading.

I met this girl and we were both crazy into each other. Some things happened and she was totally turned off, like instantly. however i did EA’s love spell with a USED white yankee candle with a link (a dvd of hers) and it kinda worked - we got back in touch however she was then sexual assaulted (I’m unsure whether it had anything to do with the spell…)

Anyway a week later I do another spell, this time again with a USED candle but this time it was red and I did it without a link, now that night I had a dream i crashed my car and the next morning…i crashed my car!!! Now I think that could be related but the spell didn’t seem to work (this was around 2 weeks ago)

Now I really like this girl and I’m certain if we were together it would be beneficial for the both of us. However I’m thinking about doing another spell with a pink UNUSED candle and creating a bind of thread using the 3 colour of the candles (White, Red and Pink) But this time I’m really going to exhausted my emotions and ask for a sign to be given the next time she thinks about me as opposed to the next time she sees me (as we don’t see each other anymore) Would you guys advise I do another spell?

To be honest on both previous spells I didn’t really exhaust my emotions and will, but I have been meditating trying to reach out to her that way and I have been thinking about the spell almost everyday and I know that is the complete opposite to what I should do. As EA said in his vid, I want to really control and attract her feelings towards me, it isn’t for sex, but rather a relationship and I want her to fall deeply and madly in love with me!

So what is your guys advice? Should i re do the spell? should i use that dvd as a link? Will it work? I really really desire her to be mine, I know she had felt the same way not too long ago but she does have a lot going on in her life.

These are the only spells ive ever done, and I don’t tend to use anymore once she is mine. But as i said, I want this to work…truly!

Again i thank you all for reading and for advice!

Why can’t you get a brand new red candle?

If I was you, now that you don’t have her turning into a toad :o) I’d buy 1 black candle (solid black wax) to dispel any bad energy, and one brand new red one.