Looking for some good grimoires

Hello everyone here on the Balg forum, my name is Luxi. I am a beginner with evocation, and although I have yet to actually evoke, I’m educating myself as much as possible (I read Evoking Eternity, and am planning to take the online course).
Anyways, I know Koetting listed a number of entities and their sigils in his book, which I’m very grateful for. However, I was wondering if anyone might know of a GOOD grimoire (ether a book or a reliable online source) as a ‘dictionary’ of some sort that lists spirits, what their specialty is, etc.

Thank you for reading my question!

Here are some resources that will help you. I also advise reading pretty much everything in the forums, especially in the new magician section. Shouldn’t take long, and it will unearth a great treasure trove of information. Bookmark any thread that you think will be useful later.