Looking for some advice

Hello everyone, just looking for alittle advice on something.About a yr back i began to take up an interest in the occult and magick and demons And other gods. Since day one i was always drawn to Lucifer.So i did all the research and read every book i could find and ended up writing a petition to Lucifer assking for some help and guidence regarding some things in my life.To my surprise,everything I had asked for had come to me in short order.I then a couple weeks after tried my first evocation to summon Lucifer chantting his enn and using a scrying mirror.I definitly felt a presents with me but i was unable to see or hear anything.I continued to talk to him as if he was there and could hear me and went on to ask for his help in guiding me and educating me.Just as i was about to end the ritual, i asked for him to show me a sign that he had heard me…still nothing.I began to clean up and when i went to blow out the candles…the incent holder/candle holder shattered(maybe from heat?).Anyway , after that night I have had dreams that always seem to be Lucifer or just (higher being) related but qhat i really found odd was that it seemed like I was being pushed to contact someone.Ever since that night ive been drawn to this certain psychic/witch that has a occult wican store locally and every time i go on facebook her store page shows up…or if i do a google search for research her name shows up…its really weird actually.Anyway…i decides to book a reading with this woman to see if anything comes out of it.So to finally get to my point…she has asked me to come prepared with 3 - 4 question…what should I ask?..should i just ask the same.old questions most people ask at readings or should i give her alittle of the back ground that brought me to her shop?..I dont wanna freak her out ya know. Sorry for any spelling and bad grammer…im quickly typing this on my cell and i got fat fingers

Hmmm. I will give you my humble opinion. First you need to ask yourself “What I want to happens?” or “What I want to achieve?” You didn’t hear and saw anything but this is normal. There are people who only see, only hear but also this is not mandatory. You can work with seal of the entity, demon, etc and if it works you don’t need to hesitate. If entity wants something from you it will find way to show you - often by dreams, signs and etc. Firstly I suggest you to safe your money and to use your brain - try to read and experiment. The purpose of practice magic is not you to be guided but to get what you want.

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