Looking for some advice in advertising

Hello all! So I opened a Storenvy for my spell work and Tarot services. I’ve made a corresponding Facebook page as well and paid a small amount to have my posts boosted. I do a daily pull and post the reading on the Facebook page to drum up interest and I tell everyone who will sit still long enough about it too. I’ve also been asking former clients to review the services they received on the Facebook page. I just don’t feel like I’m getting enough interest in my services and store. Are there any secrets I’m missing out on? How do you advertise your services?


I love your website, those meme thumbnails are hitting a nerve :smiley: Well, I guess it depends on your target group. Some marketing moves are working better on older people (like everyones Aunt who had her facebook page set up by her nephew or something), while a more self ironic/humorous approach might get the attention of younger clients. Some clients like a lot of mystic razzle dazzle when other prospective customers might look for a more sober advertisement so they don’t have to feel “weird” for trying a mystic service for maybe the first time :slight_smile: Maybe you should think about the target group you’ll like to approach. You could adjust your advertisements, then :slight_smile:

hehe thanks :slight_smile: I was worried if I used the usual razzle dazzle then I wouldn’t stand out as much and also I have a weird sense of humor so I felt they reflected that, but maybe I’ll try to have my friend drum up some nicer art for me. Thank you for the advice!

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Advertisement is a huge field of trial and error :smiley: Do you have an Instagram account? A lot of smaller services offer their products via Instagram; you could reach out to a more “mixed” group of maybe-clients. You could put to the test who is noticing your service and why. Hope, your services will kick off soon :slight_smile:

ohhh girl I didn’t even think about Instagram! I use it for one of my hobbies but I’ll give it a shot for services too. <3<3

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