Looking for similar experiences or insights

I have been working with Duke/Duchess Flauros for a few weeks now, this began only because I felt a pull to him/her and decided that I would answer.
In order to keep this short, and readable, she shared with me a invocation ritual, which she kept referring to as its purpose of Igniting, strengthening or enlivening the Flame of the Black Heart, Over the course of about a week, with some simple continued conversations through various forms of scrying, I was able to flesh out the entire ritual, though I have not completed it yet, I intend to.
Of course this iconography is not far removed from that found all over the place in the LHP in regards to the flame of the illumination, Black Flame, Eye of the Dragon, et all…
Not that it surprises me that such knowledge she would know, but, just not something that is typically associated with him. Though not surprising being the text speak of her igniting enemies, and that she is of the command of fire under Amaymon. Speaking of which she shared some interesting thoughts on how she/he actually ignites living entities.
I’m curious if anyone else has had similar experiences with Flauros or other entities, who have spoken about the same concept, I have plenty more to share, just ask. But i didn’t want to bog this down.