Looking for prescious metals

What entities or tools would any of you out there recommend for placer mining? I live near a lot of old gold and silver mining districts that are now mostly public land. I’ve have no real experience summoning but have had some experience with my uncle trying to school by me on divining rods to seek a good water well location. I have yet to employ magick in this way yet but do have plenty of experience in the high country and with rock hounding in general. I’m open to any new ideas and relivant experiences.

Ghob, the elemental King of Earth. The gnomes specialise in anything that comes from the ground,


The great angel for that purpose is here, for more info check out magickal angels damon brand


Ask the guy from starlight books, tey put a ebook and its a invocation to find treasure, other wise try djjin

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Ghob and the Gnomes Sound like they could be up my alley, I do live in a very natural setting. Do you have any advice on attracting thier attention as well as gaining thier trust and assistance and/or partnership?

Awesome, thank you. Does Ariel work with Ghob and The Gnomes or is that more Uriels department? Do you know the pros or cons of working one on one vs trying to setup a coalition?

Thanks I’ll check him out.

If you can, perform the ritual outside within a circle of stones. Open the seal of Ghob and call to him. Make an offering by pouring some wine upon the Earth or burying a coin. Be patient and he will come.

His appearance is typically that of a Dwarf and he is solemn and taciturn.

ghob is elemental king of earth then ariel is an angel.

Nothing much, provided you have a spirit Sigil and name thats all you might need to made a contact

I’ll narrow this down, try and a copy of this books for everything you need to know about those specific spirits

Konstantinos summoning spirit.
Magickal angels damon brand.

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Lmk chk my books, i knw i read them bfre gime 4 days and give details