Looking for people to assist with some rituals

I don’t know if I can state my locale or search for people in my locale but regardless of that it isn’t NEEDED to be in front of someone. Is any interested in practicing some random spells with me and see how they work so I can further develop and improve them the spells will be casted on me and if you are interested I can cast them on you as well!


If you want to message me, I do distance work to assist people with their endevours, and I am curious what the spells are, because I might love to boost your output.


well currently i’m doing honey jar spell and some goetia works for getting back my exes… do you mind to help too ?

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Actually, yeah, I will help. I like the sound of this spell. I will make one for you and your person if you want? I was thinking, if you didn’t already, to time the making of the jar with the planetary hours. On Friday in the hour of Venus is what I’m thinking. Maybe create the petition in thee hour of Jupiter. What do you think? Message me with details.

Here is a planetary hours calculator.



I’m also in similar situation, can you help me if you don’t mind?

i already did honey jar a couple of weeks ago exactly on venus day and hour. And about the petition, mind to elaborate the proper way ? to which spirit or who should i petition to ?
btw i’m using planetary hour app on my phone, it’s accurate too ^^

sorry I couldnt post anymore for 24Hours and was doing a lot of work yesterday yes I am interested in working on spells together do bear in mind my teacher recently told me to study the greater and supreme pentagram banishing rituals as an alteration to my spell work to increase its effectiveness so if you wish to take part it will be practicing for now until I obtain the major results I am seeking.This doesn’t mean the spells won’t happen. We will attempt in casting them but I am trying to improve upon my spell working for far better results PM me if you wish to continue this convo.

My spell work is capable of working outside the bounds of planetary alignments at current time because I invoke december 21st 2012’s alignment as part of 1 of the rune’s.

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I digress though. If you wish to learn about crafting runes based off of pure intent come to my post on it under norse magic. Alternative Rune Magic for those interested I will be teaching it from there if people express interest.