Looking for none christian, jewish, islamic magick

hi im new here i was wondering anyone can help me hone my work with old magick from the gods that my ancestors worshiped


@Kozvorn Depends who your ancestors were… Viking magick, Voudoun, Quimbanda, Slavic magick etc. may be something you want to look into.

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my ancestors come from sweden, i am real excited for the heathen book, but i dont have any teachers in my area to help me train under the gods. im still a beginner in magick two of my family are in magic but they use the new way of white magick. im interested in learning the old ways, for some reason im only interested in the old ways of the world.

@Kozvorn You don’t necessarily NEED a teacher if you have the will and are willing to put in the effort.

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oh i dont, i tried to pray to loki once and a while after my dad went into the hospital for a stroke. i dont want that to happen again. i want to make sure i wont cause harm for my family.

@Kozvorn It happens. Viking magick is dangerous.

yes i can see that, thats why i want to make sure im doing things right.

@Kozvorn Things will happen even if you do things right. That’s magick for you.

@Kozvorn According to EA, Sorath is the same entity as the Norse God Surtr. This is what happened when he worked with him.

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the prayer i did to loki was my first solo prayer to a god i did. i can tell now i wasnt ready to pray to loki. ive been looking for some simple spells to start of with.

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heck this is the first time i told anyone that i prayed to loki and that happened

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