Looking for more information on working with fictional characters

I inadvertently created a thoughtform that has enough archetypal support to be an egregore but it also happened to be an expy of a character I banned myself from working with because I thought they were too dangerous, but they were dangerous because both of their strong suits which was social manipulation. I feel cornered. What are my options? I am thinking of journaling out start to finish exactly how I thought I got here.

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I highly recommend picking up a copy of Pop Culture Magick by Taylor Ellwood. It’s all about working with fictional characters for magical results.

Banishing or destroying the thoughtform.

If you’re the only one who has interacted with it then you’re it’s sole source of attention/energy. Banishing it from your mind/mental space/creating a shield that keeps out unwelcomed thoughtforms. Once your mind stops thinking out it then it will starve to “death”.

What if instead of banishing the thoughtform I did something completely nuts and manifested it in the environment it wanted and let it act out all of its desires, what is the worse that could happen?

Well thoughtforms are purely astral/plane of imagination. You can banish it to a pocket space where it has control of the inside but not the outside. Basically putting it in your own self made simulation.

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I tnk damon brand have a book on tay. Other way is invoqd and banish.

I think you would be better off just eating it. It’s a thoughtform and really doesn’t bring much to the table.

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I thought about this concept with thoughtforms that have gained a lot of energy from people’s attention and how it would affect the person lol.

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I always wondered why thoughtforms cannot do energy work. What blocks thems from it compared to souled beings?

That’s been explained to you already, they dont have energy systems, energy work is directed through the energy system. They are literally thoughts given form, they don’t need to do energy work they live in a place literally made up of imaginations and desires.

I don’t think i had asked that question before