Looking for Italian Magic

Does anyone know where I can read up on this topic?

Upon examining what I know of the world’s magical systems, I realize I know very little about magic in Italy that isn’t Judeo-Christian.

Does anyone know a book or site that has information about pre-Christian Italian magic? I’m not interested for practice’s sake, if that helps. Right now I’m sating my curiosity.

What kind of time-scale with regards to Rome? Because afaik Italy went from what they call the pre-Roman era, to the Roman escalation towards empire, then rapidly became Xian under the still-existing emperors of the early Xian era.

So, if you want pre-Roman stuff, that’s probably traceable through archaeological/historical sites & books, if you want Roman, that should be pretty easy to come by, and Xian era is probably a mix of Mediterranean syncretism (buts of Gnostic, Hellenic, Egyptian, Jewish and maybe even Vedic thought) plus a heavy dose of Roman, and Orthodax (then later, Catholic) folk-magick using saints and Xian ideas.

Google stuff like “Italian superstition” and “Italian curse,” and add in terms like “birth,” “death,” “baby,” “fertility,” “marriage” “good luck” etc for those. Any area where people commonly like to use magick, even just as an old superstition.

Typing “pre-roman” religion into Google netted me these so far, they shoudl have search terms to take you deeper:


Really long Google books link to Roman and European Mythologies by Yves Bonnefoy

I’m certain I’ve happened across entires on this stuff searching for Monday Post links, so it’s definitely out there. :slight_smile:

Do you mean Etruscan magics,and things along those lines?

If so,the humorous website on mythology Godcheckers has an Etruscan pantheon section here.

It’s not much info(I think),and quite a few of them are also Roman deities,but it’ll give you some names if you need to trace them.

If not then why not summon the Flying Spaghetti Monster? :slight_smile: