Looking for intranquil oil recipe

Hello all,

I’m trying to find a recipe for Intranquil oil.

It seems I simply can’t find any here in Australia, and international shipping rates are absolutely horrible, and take forever to reach here.
Any help is very much appreciated!

Did u try all the botanicas occult shops in u country,? It should be available. But the true is its not recipe for intranquilo spirt honestly. Wat u can do look in google recipes such come to me love and mix toghert. And consacreted yourself. Since most of the oils are made and no consacreted. And also intranquilo spirt. Anima sola are in european books since the 1920s,and it not required oils.

I can get most everything except Intranquil oil, it’s very frustrating.

I actually intend to use it for baneful/banishing work so it doesn’t necessarily need to be love based.

You can google, since in usa its pretty knw. Its posted free in other sites. If u doing a spell which oil is need try baby oil cooking oil and add wat u can nust consacrete. And if u are not happy whit oil. Try a few diferent spells until u get u oil.