Looking for information on a demon

got a friend thats possessed with a few demons, they are usually helpful but one La Nuke harmed him, wanted to kill him but i managed to talk him down and hold him back, used exorciso te in nominem satanas but left him inside since i know how bad hell can get. anyways looking for advice with dealing with this one.

Imo, there’s no such thing as hell. This is fairly recent jci dogma.

There’s places in the astral that humans invented to approximate them and let them fulfill their fears and guilt, but they all self inflicted, and eventually these people get bored, decide they’ve had enough and continue with thier spiritual evolution.

You don’t know where he would be best served to be, but he can’t stay in your friend, get him out and tell him never to return.

Call an entity like Quan Yin, Sandalphon or Lucifer to help him find where to go.