Looking for help

I need help asap my ex wife who is the mother of my child want to take my daughter and move out of the state we ive in she wants to move because she met some guy and wants to marry him and move to where he is…I would like to know if some one is willing to break her relationship up and keep other men away from her so I don’t have to keep going through this …I would try myself but have no clue where to start and need this done sooner rather than later…

By law she can’t even leave the state for vacation without your consent, and as far as moving goes, she can’t move outside the county the two of you live in without your consent. You don’t need a spell to solve your problems, you need a lawyer; and if she does leave call the cops.

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Agreed! You can challenge a move with he court becore she can jus up and leave. If you’re having trouble with legal aid seek Father’s Right Advocacy groups as the court is biased as shit against the fathers.

Good Luck

Thanks guys…I know these things and have a lawyer working on this for me…I guess I didn’t really explain very well what I am looking for …I would like her to be taught a lesson she will not forget …This person has always talked a boatload of crap to me and has constantly threaten to take my child form me I have done things the right way by being the bigger person and using the law for my child’s sake but now I am sick of her shit and would like to pit it to her …if she can be a total bitch I want to give to her worse…I respect your opinions but there is more to it that I would rather not put on here for all to see…

So you want to break them up to punish her?
I would probably look into court case oriented spells to try for full custody. You don’t want to fuck get every which way while she still has custody of the kid. The kid can suffer too.