Looking for help, newbie here

This is my first post aside from my intro post. I am completely new to all of this but certain events in my life over the past 6 months has lead me to everything differently and open my eyes to this.

I wanted to see if anyone could help or guide me for a few situations that I currently need assistance in.

Wanting to get revenge and cause the individual to loose everything. No harm to them, just want them to loose all they value in life like they almost did to me.

Wanting to become successful and wealthy through job avenues and other means that don’t bring harm to others as a way of obtaining it.

Thanks for the help!


i would suggest get on to researching with the help of that little magnifying glass top right corner, then learning, more researching and contacting Spirits of your liking. :slight_smile:

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Thanks. I have been searching quite a bit but being new I wanted to make sure the entities I would be using wouldn’t cause me problems since I’m new to it.

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Ah justice
I think RAUM would be the best to work with on these matters.
Draw his sigil, meditate with it everyday while chanting his enn "Furca na alle laris Raum” (you can also carry it with you) read about him build connection
Then call on him to state you’re desire (of course after you learn how to evok)
There’s plenty of information here :))


Getting a job over someone else could cause them harm.
Having more customers in your business then another could cause them harm.

It’s very hard to not cause harm. Now purposeful harm I can understand, we have much more control over that.

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