Looking for Dedicated Witch (female) Interested in Working through The Seven-fold Way

I’m looking for a dedicated and mature (in behaviour) female (biologically) witch, preferably of Saxon or Celtic heritage, (common truths will make the bond stronger) who would be interested in working through The Seven-Fold Way to the rank of External Adept.

Companion must be willing to travel (seeing as the last stage ends in Egypt), engage in sexual union (as stage 2 requests), have the patience to meditate with tarot cards, a fairly good understanding of astrology and a desire to transcend the mundane of the modern world. And no, this is not some elaborate play to get laid. I desire to open a star gate, reach External Adept and in so doing, alter my being. In order to do that I need a female companion to work and bond with.

The ideal companion should find everyday life incredibly uninteresting and desire to discover a whole new way of life, as well as a general feeling of being unable to ‘fit in’ and a complete rejection of contemporary society and its values/laws. This woman should be able to shoulder the burden of knowing that life is suffering, and that when all creeds, religions and ideologies are cast aside, our purpose is to struggle for survival. Because in that survival, we have the potential to find meaning.

I’m not too optimistic about this ‘offer’ (if you want to call it that), but we’ll see what happens.

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My advice is to find someone near you. Maybe a friend,girl friend, or wife that you can do this with.

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The Moonchild Path is noble one indeed.

Come on, ladies! This timely limited offer contains everything a fair maidens heart desires!




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I mean… is he paying, for all this danger, romance and mystery plus the travel fair? :speak_no_evil:

Cause my broke ass won’t get us out of my hometown :joy:


Right, let’s see who’s responsible for reviving this dead thread…

@Etheric_Vagabond you’re on my list now. And to top it all off your advice was obvious and wank.

I am so going to get you back for that @A_Pariah.


No big deal, I am always there to help!
My work here is done


What list?



We can always count on Oddnan to protect our fair city-- I mean forum


Is it possible to do this with a spirit? Or does it have to be an incarnated being?

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I gotta applaud that you are reaching out to attempt (hopefully) form stronger bonds with others in your craft.

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Incarnated being. And no, you are not allowed to go all David Cameron and use a pig.

Welp, I’m out. Too much Scandinavian blood, on the demisexual side, and although I would love to visit Egypt, I’m not convinced it’s safe at this point.

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Jinns are said to be incarnated beings. Also they can become physical at will. Baal kadmon says they can become physical indefinitely if the wanted to.

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