Looking for Crystal points

hello there. think this might be the best place to add this topic since crystal work is pretty common within these workings.

Im trying to find a place to buy Cut Crystal points similar in design to these sold in single units. though double terminated points would also be acceptable. Various different types of crystal, unsure of exactly what types i need or want at this time so a large, varied selection would be great. Preferably all the same size between 2-3 inches in length.

ive not had much luck in my searches tonight. plenty of sets of various crystal on places like amazon, but im interested in getting multiple of certain types, like Amethyst, Regular and smokey quartz right off hand. Though i’d like to avoid getting multiples of crystal I don’t need at this time such as rose quartz which most of these sets have.

thanks in advance for any sources you guys can share.

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Dude, go take a look on Aliexpress! I don’t like their politics , but you will find a lot of minor sellers showing amazing huge crystals!


thanks, they have come up a few times in my previous searches, but ive avoided them since they sold Drop in machinegun parts in the past :thinking:

But, on a cursory look they appear to have what ive been looking for, so again, thanks!


Do you have a local metaphysical type of shop? The one in my hometown, which is honestly fairly small, even has one. That’s where I get mine. They’re not overly expensive or anything either.

A little bit late for you though but hope that it will help others in the future maybe


These are the major natural stones events you may visit on of them or you may easily find the exhibitors via the link and request a brochure and based on their specialization; then you may find the right adress to get what you need.

They may easily assist you getting multiples of certain types when Amazon is not enough.:slight_smile:

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