Looking for companions in Finland

Greeting all,
I am gonna move to Finland for living in next year and I wonder if anyone here is there already, we can form a coven and share our knowledge and experience.
Besides, I’m really into ancient Norse witchcraft, very interesting to me.
Hope to learn more from u, Finnish witches

Finland is great. Are you Finnish yourself?

Actually no, i’m not. I am Asian

Interesting. Well, Finland is amazing. As a finnish I always wonder why people want to move there. The winter is mildly depressing but otherwise you’re gonna love it.

How is the weather there? I love to know about its asmosphere cuz i will plant various trees and plants in my garden for the ingredients of the craft

Kinda British - grey and rainy, but in winter, snowy, cold and with short days. But Finland is further North, on a level with North Canada, it’s huge, and the weather will vary depending on where you want to go.

It sounds like you have barely started your research. I suggest you go there for a vacation before making it permanent.

Can you access youtube? There are a lot of expatriate videos on living in Finland from a foreigner’s perspective.
Search on ‘living in finland’ and ‘weather in finland’.

There are also weather sites you can keep an eye on for various cities in Finland. https://weather.com/weather/today/l/FIXX0002:1:field_hockey:

Regarding plating, you need to know the “hardiness” of the plants you want to grow, which is cagatorised by “zone”, and then which zone you want to be living in in Finland, and compare them. If the plant is not hardy in the zone you will live in, it will die of cold in the winter.
Finland is cold - zones 3 - 6 - stay south to be able to grow more.
Use container planting and have a bright place indoors so you can bring plants inside to overwinter otherwise.