Looking for Books

What are some books/grimoires/whatever that are good for astral projection, black magick, enochian magick, and stuff about Demons / Angels

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Check out the balg catalogue, theirs always something available there, if that doesn’t fancy you go on line to grimoires for sale, and if that isn’t enough i don’t know What else, there is Amazon i forgot pick yourself up a copy of necromantic Sorcery.

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Robert Bruce isa good author for the astral and psychic development work
E A Koetting has an intro to all things black magic course that’s a good starting point.
Book: work though Ordo Ascensm Aetyrnalis.


for angels i can suggest to you gallery of magic books they are very great books…some of their great titles that i have worked with are

  1. the 72 angels of magic (its combination of greater magic angels and magical angels)
  2. angels of alchemy ( mostly about self transformation through the angels)
    another books i can suggest for demons are
  3. evoking eternity by E. A Koetting
  4. Goetia, by Michael W Ford (and most of his books are great too)
    i hope is somehow useful for a good start :slightly_smiling_face: