Looking for; Blessing home rituals

Hey everyone!!

I have some good news, we were finally able to find my mom, aunt, & little brother a stable home to move into the other night!! They are a little whiles away, & they didn’t want to come down to where I am to live. I’m helping her move in next week

Mom had asked me over the weekend if I would be willing to do a blessing on the house, & of course I said yes I would love to.

I’m looking for the most powerful blessing anyone knows. Mom has been through a lot, especially these last few years, & I want this house to be a home for her & them. I also want it to bring the best of luck possible to all of them.

I was thinking of doing a working with Angel Siteal or working with the Eldar Futhark & create runes of protection, & good luck for each floor of the house, or even a house protection bottle but if anyone has an idea that can help even more that would mean the world to me & more.

Thank you all so much!!

If you don’t mind doing it in the name of Satan (I started recently to work with him, that’s why I propose this one to you), this cleansing home tutorial is pretty good. I didn’t invent it, I copy/paste it from “The Complete Book of Demonolatry Magic” by J. Thorp.

Needed :

-Benzoin resin
-Bowl of water
-Bowl of salt

This cleansing is powerful and works very
well, even in extremely ‘infested’ households.
First, clean your house from top to bottom.
Open all the windows. Then, add some salt to
the water and bless it – draw Satan’s sigil over
the water with your thumb and say: “Talot pasa
oida Belial et Leviathan. Tasa reme laris Satan.”
Next, burn some Benzoin resin on a charcoal
block. Carry the censer around your home, three
times, making sure to cense the doors, windows,
and fireplace (if you have one). You may wish to
say something like: “In the name of Satan, this
house is cleansed of all negativity and
Pick up the blessed water and begin
sprinkling the entire house. Draw Satan’s sigil
on every door and window. Say: “In the name of
Satan, this house is sealed.” It is done.

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Thank you for this cleansing spell!!

I’ll copy it into my notes, it’s definitely a possibility!! If not my mom’s then my next house I’ll probably use this!!

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You’re welcome, I’m glad I could help !

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