Looking for advice

alright let’s start out where I am in my development
Stronger than I’ve ever been, though been hitting a plateau lately… just feeling kind of stuck. quit smoking, trying to optimize my diet. getting to where I can reach the Theta/gamma sync and some other states quite easily through meditation within minutes, getting to where energy is feeling quite solid(sort of if a wave could be solid, like the coating of a cell) when I work on shielding, and creating psi balls. Financially I’m broke, and I’m living in Perpetual Isolation(in other words, I rarely get to leave the house, I live in the middle of no where). this is about to change though, as I’m about to leave for Job corp within the month, probably be there for most of a year, and then I’ll be working as an electrician.

dreamwise: I’ve gotten where lucid dreams are common, and I’m getting to the level of awareness where I can think and experiment(protip: shouting the word door in a dream will immediately give you an escape route if you have as many nightmares as I do), I’ve been studying Jungian psychology and this actually helped greatly with both producing lucid dreams and understanding the content of my dreams.(the more you work with your subconscious the more it will help you out)

Magick: I’m limited on supplies, so I’m working with printed sigils a black mirror I created and an athame… the only serious work I’ve been doing is shit to help with the job corp situation(I was working with ant’harratu to get the gulfport location to start up by a certain date, and lo and behold) I’d don’t really have many opportunities to manifest my desires… I understand how magick works or at least have one understanding how it works… it works with what exist, and brings about the quickest way to get your desire, but it’s not likely to deliver it gift wrapped to your doorstep… so I’m trying to find ways to practice, without working with goals I know would be next to impossible, due to my isolation…

so here is what I’m wondering…
I work on astral projection quite often but no results, besides and increase in vibration radiating from or in conjunction with my body, and traveling around in my own mindscape… any Ideas how I can achieve more sufficient results? other than continued trial and error?

Alright psi balls and shielding are easy, any psionic constructs beyond these(well I’m working on multilayered psi balls) I can work on, if only for practice/ shits and giggles.

any of you know a good bit about jungian psychology, do you know any forums that focus on jungian (or occult) psychology? also what are some more advanced techniques for lucid dreaming(Evocation in dream space is up there on my list, as soon as I remember to while lucid dreaming, it’s kind of hard to think coherently in dream scape) I’ve gotten to where I can can travel from one dream to the next by jumping through mirrors, windows, hallways, and doors, but I’ve still yet to communicate with spirits directily in dreams(though I have indirectly).

I was working on Reiki, got pretty good at healing myself(both from sickness and injuries, even if it only sped up the recovery process) then fell out of practice and now I can’t do shit, what happened?

also for the black sun meditation, do you do it as soon as you wake up, or do you wait a little bit, also, for how long… I mean, I can imagine a black hole going up and down in an inverted horizon(rising in the west and setting in the east) in 5 seconds, but I’m not sure that is effective lol, and trying to hold on to that image as I go to sleep, seemingly prevents me from sleeping…

“I’d don’t really have many opportunities to manifest my desires”

STOP! Now hold up! I didn’t even read the rest of your post. This statement concerns me as a fellow practitioner, and, because I’m going to try to save you months of futile efforts & disappointments…BECAUSE I was in a very similar Life Cycle up until 5 months ago. More enthusiasm for change than $, skill, and "perceived’ opportunities.

I’m just going to share my personal experience:

  1. When I was in my shit-storm cycle, this was a period I did a LOT of growth in. I was preparing myself for the next cycle which I’m in now. Magick works.

  2. I had to realize I needed to really change my negative thinking patterns BEFORE anything else. I’m slowly and humbly learning that for me, and in my very humble and respectful opinion: Magick must 1st happen in the mind!!!

  3. With that being stated - “I’d don’t really have many opportunities to manifest my desires”

I learned that I, in and of myself, am the ONLY being that will MAKE opportunities for myself for my desires!!! This was and is a very important lesson for me to learn on The Path. There is no God, manifesto, doctrine, human-being, or Magickal Implements that are coming to my rescue…scary at first, freeing a little for me after I’ve had some success.

What I’m trying to say is, one must become their own GOD (yes…with a capital “G”).

You wrote you are limited on supplies…I am too. Or, shall I say that the supplies I do have access to aren’t meeting my expectations!!! You see, if you don’t have the “right” implements you can’t do “proper” Magick…right?


I learned that I gotta work with what I HAVE NOW, and work it to a point of mastery (which I am no where near). But my success as of late is cumulative man. Jesus, if you only knew where I was last year, and where I am now. I’ll sum it up by saying my life was full of :

  1. Death of a very close parent
  2. Drug addiction and all the “niceties” that go along with that self imposed slavery
  3. Jail - looking at 15yrs in prison
  4. Homelessness
  5. NO money

Blah blah blah…poor me. At least that’s what I THOUGHT. My personal advice is to stop “Practicing” Magick and what ever else you are doing and “Perform” it…NOT my words…Mr. Koetting’s.

Also, and this has been my path revelation - it’s more important for me to secure areas of the mundane like $ and housing first, so I can then move on in comfort to the Higher Attainments…that’s just me. I’m not saying you are doing anything “wrong”…your journey is your journey. I know that I tend to do way too many things at once THINKING this will get me AHEAD sooner, whereas FOR ME, I’m much better mastering a few foundational disciplines. This has catapulted me into my desires much much sooner than I expected.

Kind regards & be fucking well!!!


Thanks for taking the time to write out your current “place” in the scheme of things. As far as advice, I will offer you what I have offered others, and I think it will be useful to you where you are right now:


Also, as you expressed interest in dreaming, there was a good thread on the topic recently:


BTW Icarus,

Heed redcircle’s posts! I’m just telling you again from my own experience!!! I’ve read and used, and re-read his resources! Redcircle along with a LOT of other practitioners are here to assist (mostly they assist me…lol…I’m not as smart as my avatar looks!!!)

Also, when $ is low, and even when $ is NOT low…go for the low hanging fruit…the free! There is a LOT of material presented on BALG for gratis.

Really…and again many many many thanks to redcircle and others that take their personal time, and construct posts for other practitioners Ascent.


thanks… do you know any methods of increasing the level of lucidity, or increasing the time span of the dream? I’ve learned than defying the laws of the dream(such as Using TK on an entity or object in a dream, or reshaping the dream to a new reality) is next to impossible, but traveling to another dream is easy once you get the hang of it. Also do you know how to direct the dream, such as using it to experience ways of interpreting data normally unavailable to the waking mind, or to have a specific dream?

At this point on my The Path no. I come from a strong Theravada Buddhist Meditation background, and at this point am doing techniques to further deepen my Absorption experiences.

Read that second link I posted, should give you some good tips for practice.