Looking for a working way to summon Marbas, even if it's very hard i just want it to work

I see people having success in summoning a demon after 3-4 tries, I did almost 10 tries and gain nothing (except from Lucifer)! I tried many methods including connective evocation method by Gordon Winterfield. I like to try more but I rarely have conditions to do rituals so I’m looking for a new method which certainly works for the next time i can do a ritual.

Which methods have you tried? It will be easier to recommend something if we know what not to.

Also, you said that Lucifer comes through but Marbas doesn’t. Maybe the problem lies in how you approach whatever it is that you’re trying to infleunce using Marbas’ help (medical ailment?).

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the methods i have tried was commonly worked for others, i just think Marbas needs better ways from me.
this, Gordon Winterfield’s conective evocation and staring at sigil.

I don’t get your exact mean.

No, I need his help in learning.

There’s no such thing. There is no guarantee no matter what method you try.

If you were able to contact Lucifer, then why not just ask him to bring Marbas to you? In the hierarchy of the Ars Goetia, Lucifer is the Big Cheese, after all.


Pick up a copy of “Lucifer and The Hidden Demons” by Theodore Rose. I know it works amazingly well for a lot of people and is stupidly simple. You can even do it in bed with your eyes closed.

What I mean is, you successfully contact Lucifer but can’t contact Marbas in the same manner. That might imply that it’s not the method which is at fault but the way you’re trying to solve your problem. Maybe you don’t formulate your request well or simply are too attached to the result. Why do you think Marbas is not delivering? What exactly it is that you expect of him?


@anon57501396 Perhaps you are calling on him but he and others feel that another would be of better use to you do they are non responsive in order that you will have to consider asking a different demon for assistance?

let’s say you wanted to learn languages but your memory isn’t that great. Maybe the problem isn’t physical. Maybe it’s your native language has nothing in common with the new one and you can’t get up the gumption to practice because you are discouraged by lack of progress. you’d be better calling on a demon who specializes in teaching languages and maybe also one who specializes in inspiration in that situation rather then a healer, so in that situation maybe Marbas doesn’t act because he wants you to look for a more appropriate entity.

Or maybe you just need to keep persisting because maybe he was busy healing someone of cancer when you called and felt curing a life threatening disease a bit more important then your issue at that time?

You have to decide which might be the case and act accordingly.

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Finally some new reading material, thanks! :slight_smile:

I expect Marbas to come and answer some important questions including the situation of a missing person, actually i expect Marbas to make a communication and after i asked him my questions, make a request of him. i even had offering for him to give when he came. don’t have any idea why his not delivering.

This is probably the reason. I’ll try paimon. Thanks! :slight_smile:

I heard demons are from another dimension and can be in several places at a time, so this is wrong right?

I’m not 100% sure about multiple places simultaneously, maybe.

I never thought to ask anyone demon or magician about that.

If so then the first reason (they another is more suited and t they want you to call on another one) is likely it.

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Sometimes shifting to new approach can help but dont give up Demon of Magick this is a very good book if you do not success dont stop to trying this is the key.

You can look at the occult tarot by Travis McHenry and follow his free course on his website( there is a free pdf and also video who teach how to use the occult tarot as a goetic tool to summon the 72).This method can be very effective and more easy to do than a full solomonic ritual.

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