Looking for a woman repellent spell

Hi! I am down to my last few spell before totally forgetting (for a moment) about love spells to avoid lusting for results. The goal is to reconcile with my ex who broke up with me last month. If I don’t feel good or doesn’t have enough sleep, I don’t proceed with the spells because it cause headache and drains my energy but makes me feel happy afterwards. The last spells I’ll be doing is the following:

  1. Powerful love spell by C. Kendall
  2. Impotence spell - to make him avoid having sex with a woman but not with me.
  3. Repellent spell

I don’t have a repellent spell yet. I’m looking for one where he lose interest talking to any other girl besides me or making girls find him uninteresting. Ever since we broke up, he has been adding different girls and flirting with different girls to fill in the void of the break up. I think this spell would be the key for him to actually act on how he would miss me.

Thanks to anyone who will answer! <3

lol,. i thought you were looking for spell to repell woman cuz they are stalkers base on the thread topic. haha. my bad for thinking your a studly man who can’t keep woman off you. =o)

so which spells you want? him to lose interest in others or him to have interest in you?
If you do a general spell for him to lose interest in others , you might be part of that group too as it’s general. I think focusing on person having interest is better as you want them to have feelings of attraction to you. If you get rid of the attraction interest , he might have no attraction for anyone. Be careful with the wording of your petition. There’s many demons that can work with attraction of love/sex /lust. There might be regret leaving spell so he feels he miss you.

Oh sorry for the confusion. I want him to lose interest in others or girls to avoid him and ohh id like that regret leaving spell. That is new for me :slight_smile: I already have the powerful spell by kendal for him to regain his love for me again :slight_smile:

Do a petition spell to Amon he is good in causing Enmity between couples or friends.

Try any demon

Incels have this down pat.

Sorry I’m not good in English, what do you mean by incels?

Ouch! INvoluntary CELebates. - people that, for one reason or another, have issues with the opposite sex and don’t see the problem. Sorry. Didn’t pick up on the language thing.

Still not picking it up. Is that somewhat a ritual?

It’s a term for people that have bad luck with getting sex. due to personalty issues they may not know about . They have interest in people just no luck reaching home base. maybe social inept that turn people off. They repel people with their character and don’t know it. They blame everyone for their lack of effort of being alone. blame it on bad luck or ladies not giving them chance,. It’s not gender base. same with females or males.

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I see. Thanks for the info. How do i put this but luck with my ex?