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What are the differences between angels and demons? Are they similar?


It’s such a debatable question so I’ll leave it at there’s more similarities than differences IMHO.


Well…that’s tough to give a simple answer to. Some demons are angels who fell from grace…some aren’t…


Allrt uts easy ypu get 6 gold candles any size, Thursday 12 am and draw satanachia seal and clauneck seal drawn in paper white, use blue red gold silver ink only. U ask u peticion. Let candlrs burn whit seal close to it. In you table, altar or whatever u have. Satanachia opendoirs to people’s, claunwck being opportunities, after candles burn u burn seal or carry for 7 days or 9 at most and burn seal.

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Sorry to correct you, but it’s not true. This fall from grace thing is a biblical story, and never happened. The spirits are free to do whatever they want. Some of the daemons from the Ars Goetia have an “alien” background. Alien does not always mean grey. Even though some say that Vassago is a grey.


Thank you Zorrito! I will keep this for later on when I want to attract more finances into my business.

He’s not wrong though, and there’s nothing biblical talking about any of the 72 goetia falling from grace.


Yeah, I’ve seen this. I thought, oh, this is really weird. I saw Ose briefly as a three eyed alien one time. The weirdest thing of course was when Asteroth possessed me and I felt I was actually possessed by an alien.

I think the fall from grace has more to do with philosophy and this popular “black and white” thinking. Something either is evil, or it is good, because some religion says so that is absolute truth. The bad philosophical origins of these things like putting “blind obedience” up on a pedestal of something to strive for, and that continues on to this day even among people who think they “got rid of Christianity and its intolerance of certain things.” who keep going at it with “black and white thinking.”

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You see…I’m glad I am not the only one saying this, although I heard it from some before but not from many