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I am in a situation where my dad is blocking me with a lot of things, he’s getting in between my financial moves, my girlfriends, etc. He’s blocking everything that i’m working on and i can’t even practice magic and demonolatry normally with him here. He’s been at it for years and i’m sick of it.

There’s no love between me and my dad, I just want to see him leave my life. I don’t care what happens to him as long as I can chase my carreer and future.

Talking doesn’t work because he just gets angry and aggressive, and tells me that I should follow his directions, but he made nothing of himself in life so I am never going to follow him.

Does anyone know of a spell to break us up for good?

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Do you live with your dad? Because if that is the case, then the obvious advice is to move out on your own.

If you are already living on your own, I don’t see how your dad could be blocking anything you do.

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Basically, what DarkestKnight said.

But I give you an advice, as annoying as your dad might be, don’t cut all the cords.
Yes you need to take control over your own life and all that, but don’t go down a route you will regret someday. In most cases it’s enough to get some space between you and the family and simply show them that you can successfully take care of yourself. Impress him with your sucess and he will stop telling you to follow his path.

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How about trying Damon Brand books if you have no problems in working with both Dark and Light angels.

Just stop talking to him. It’s much easier to block him on all media and set your emails to delete permanently any email from his address.

Follow up with a binding or freezer spell to hold him from trying to get back in touch.

I would assume the OP has thought about this for as many years as he states it’s been a problem.

I cut my sadistic narc of a mother off years ago and have not regretted it for a second. You can’t assume how someone will feel for them.

This is also close to moralising which is against the rules and off -topic from what the OP asked. I think we should give him some credit for knowing what he wants as a sovereign being.

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No, I didn’t spesk up against OP’s intention. He did not go “I wanna kill him” and I said “oh noo”. I think that’s a difference.

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Same here, My brother as well. I would rather lick a curb than return to their “power” EVER again. Too many people in the world whom would step up in my time of need to hope and rely on two worthless people. Just because I share dna with them means nothing to me. Nope.

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Right. And it might be that it hurts too, but some people are so damaged and toxic to you keeping them in a position of power over you is destructive and created a net deficit that is not worth bearing in your life.

Basically it’s not worth what it costs.


BTW same problem at age of 41, in my case it’s more about discussions being almost useless but honestly I also love the comfort zone, I once did a sigil spell which seemed to change something and tried a visualization where walls are built around someone.

That sounds rough. I’m sorry you had to deal with that for years. It’s bullshit, before i truly felt some unaware people went scott free in life. They went without facing any consequences, and even if they did, they never learned.
But usually in the past, i noticed… the power of prayer… now, with spells, our will and help from entities can manifest and change others. It can create some harm to the those people. They might even learn.

There are a few things I’m trying.

  1. Sigils and working with Angels and demons to aid me

I read and practiced the rituals for Angels and demons by Henry Archer He has a great layout on what angels and demons can aid with what. He uses them in unison when invoking then. I get evoking and invoking a little confused, but this work kind of holds demons with attending angels. I’ve come to learn that it’s probably disrespectful to do that, but it was helpful when i was scared and didn’t have trust with “darker” entities.

Looking now, here is one for cutting off relationships

  1. Umabel and Zagan To attract the friendship of somebody you admire. To end a relationship peacefully. To engage in a relationship without the fears that may have damaged your previous relationships. To make employees more likely to make good decisions that benefit you. To make a stubborn or insensitive person see that they have harmed or hurt you, and feel agonizing remorse. To find creative ways to clear debts.

Zagan is the demon, umabel the angel, there are sigils in the book for them including the 3 attending angels… He includes the spell that you will perform also.

It was my gateway to start working with demons. To preface, the demons and angels listed are not always popular and some might have different names and spelling. I tried googling up some, and it was hard. With magickal books, some content is a mix of intuition and memory. Some are english translations of occult work like kabbalah or hermetics. I don’t think any one of them is worse or better because it’s all hidden knowledge from humans. I don’t think there is only one door or path for multidimensional beings.

Simply, choose a demon or angel and find their sigil. I write it in permanent red marker on parchment/sketch paper. Some people utilize blood and body fluids to charge it.
After prepping for meditation and actually practicing meditation,
I light a candle, i look at their sigil and say their enn. I call until I’m in a trance and will and ask for help.
I’ve been working with Astaroth/Astarte.

If i was you, i would repeat a phrase such as, “The will and thoughts of my father depart into oblivion, my will is the sole creater and full of power”.
You can say whatever that means something to you that enforces your power.
He’s had years of life imposing his will on others, so you need to be have full faith in whatever ritual done.

  1. I also do a mix of chaos magic, the law of attraction (loa) and new avatar power ( new avatar power). There are a lot of posts from regular, OG members who elaborate on here.

Here is my version
I get into a meditative state. Basically do breathing exercises ( breathe 7 sec, exhale 14 sec, alternative nostril breathing, etc)… Then relax my body and do the so hum mantra as i clear my mind.
From there I visual my target alone in a room or space.
I see an ex friend in a volcano pit, there is magma surrounding her
I call my target three or four times screaming in my head their name
Ashley, ashley, ashley
From there, this takes a bit of creativity, i hear the target say things that i want to change in their life, my life with them, or their actions. They have to be upset and emotional screaming or pleading it. Sometimes i picture lava claim their limbs or mouth, maybe it’s their heart that needs to change.

  • Target says, “im so sorry I ruined peoples lives, i abuse and use people for gain, i will be tormented and broken until i change. The loved ones around me hate because I am so judgmental, but i can’t be anymore. I am not perfect. Please i need to change”.*
    Then i have to visualize me in my body answering back saying things that acknowledge the change.
    You don’t have to be so cruel, you are weak and unless you change, you still be tormented. Accept love and the good or you will die miserable.
    I end it. For me I visualize an element, like white fire, water or light of any color consume their body.
    From there I see the person consumed by magma

During week or day, if the thought of them appears or i feel any emotion to them. I quickly visual the element that consumes their body. From my research, this alters their astral bodies and subconscious to create change in our world. It helps me tremendously also. I get to see a that said being or person destroyed instead of focusing on my own pain.

This can be exhausting to practice, so make sure you take breaks. It uses your energy.

  1. There is candle magic. It’s a bit of work for me and i hear you can’t utilize space since your dad gets in the way. But it is effective, just gets annoying with supplies. I would do domination spells if i were you. You don’t need to connect with any being. Some do to help empower a spell. It’s more about using elements, power from the earth, sun, water, whatever herbs, ingredient. The candle and flame is your letter to their universe.

  2. The last thing I recently started connecting with are dark Catholic figures. I had been a practicing catholic into my later teens, so it was kind of easy to get into the rhythm of prayer.
    Look into anima sola and santa muerte.
    I practiced revenge love spells with those to female figures and the intranquila spirit.
    There are chaplets and novenas and even a rosary for Santa muerte. I hate the tyranny of the God that they are under, but suffering is a huge theme in Catholicism. I call on the framework (prayers, practices, saints, mary) of the monotheistic God when i need help in that.
    These three beings are tortured souls or help torture for you. I usually just say the chaplet and novena.

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This might be able to do the trick

Nicely explained

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