Looking for a specific type of Magick


[quote=“iratecaller, post:1, topic:9011”]Any ideas about a type of magick, or blend of magick that I can sink my teeth into?

GOAL: I need to make respectful contact with whatever guardians tried to scare me off so long ago in order to build an alliance. I need permission to plant my roots so to speak. I want the land to grant me permission to be here, because something has felt ‘Off’ my whole life. If I don’t get a good starting point, then I will just jump in there blindly.[/quote]

Core shamanism is made for this kind of thing IMO - it will:

  1. allow you to interact with spirits in an innately respectful way, by conversing on “their” terms and territory;

  2. at its opening stages, it relies upon an animal spirit (arguably, an aspect of your own greater Soul) which then opens up opportunities to meet and work with other animal-foprm spirits;

  3. is very grounded in nature and natural symbolism, in seeing spirits in all things, and encourages the use of offerings and undertaking journeys to heal oneself and the land, I mean it almost goes too far down that route for some people, but the potential is immense!

I can’t remember if I sent you the tutorial, I’ll PM it now just in case and then you can skim through and see what you think. :slight_smile:

Hi Lady Eva, I’m very interested in the info on core shamanism. Could you please send it to me too? Thanks!

Core shamanism sounds fascinating. Any chance I could get a copy? Thanks.