Looking for a specific term

What is it called when a member of a group or family is selected to be the whipping boy, an object of abuse and ridicule, and the people performing the abuse get some sort of magickal benefit from it? The individual that everyone in the family gangs up on. There is a specific word for it, i think ending in “-us”. What is this whipping boy called? How does one escape this role, should they find themselves in that unfortunate position?

“Black sheep”? Also pariah, and scapegoat. It’s the opposite of “golden child”.

It’s a tactic of Narcisistic parents to separate the children psychologically to divide them and increase dependence on them while making sure they don’t emotionally support each other.

I don’t know that you can persuade the abusers to stop, you can work of yourself to stop or undo the pattern from becoming internalised, and get out as soon as you can. The only way to win with these people is not to play.

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That is a good analysis. And solid advice.