Looking for a second opinion/confirmation

I evoked Azazel a few days ago for the purpose of introducing myself to him and requesting if I utilize his legions, particularly those demons found in the Book of Azazel.

I asked as well if he could help strengthen my performance of the Three Godlike Powers. Any of you who are familiar with me at this point know that I have been struggling with Soul Travel, and that I am thus far completely unable to do it.


I asked Azazel if he could bestow me a familiar that would be able to assist me with basically everything.

I received a demon and the name “Sun’doro” came to mind. Seeing as this is a demon I don’t think anyone has ever heard of, I wish to ensure the reality of his existence. When asked what he specializes in, Azazel said he “Brings strength in all areas.”

He’s really bright, shedding his light upon all aspects of life requested of him.

He reminds me of Glas’yos from the book of Azazel:

Glas'yos, Azazel's Legions, House of Anatel The demon Glas’yos shows himself as a small figure whose every feature is obfuscated by the immense radiance of light emanating from him, shining in all directions, chasing away shadows of confusion. While in its simplest manifestation, this demon’s power can be used to bring clarity to a situation, when pushed further, Glas’yos is able to alleviate depression, paranoia, anxiety, and many other psychological impediments, as well as to bring calamitous situations to a peaceful resolution.

My request is this: if anyone could evoke Sun’doro for me, confirm his existence, and find out what else he can do!

At this time, I am limited to conversing with the spirits with the very basic method of basically listening for the first thought to come in to my head after asking a question. This has proven to be incredibly limited, and I have had quite surprising answers from time to time that I am quite sure I myself would never have thought of, it still seems to be incredibly limited. My heart’s desire is to be able to converse with spirits the same way EA does!

Did you receive a sigil for the spirit?
If not maybe you could ask Azazel to imprint a sigil for him in your minds eye.
I’ve never done this but it couldn’t hurt.

I did, and drew the sigil in my magick record, I will take a picture of it and include it in next post. Thanks for reminding me about it! I also wanted to ask if, somebody wishes to assist me with this, if they could request the sigil as well and compare it with mine!

Sigil of Sun’doro:

You’ve got me interested in this being.

Have you tried contacting it?

Asking it questions ect?

I’ll try and do a Q&A with him tomorrow and if things go alright I’ll try a full on evocation next week.
I can’t evoke to full manifestation but I can see the energy of a spirit when it arrives.
I’ll do what I can to assist you bro.I know you’ve been working hard on this stuff and I commend you for that especially in your situation.

We’ll see what happens!

It’s been around me constantly since being bestowed to me, I talk to it all the time

Frequently I receive answers in the form of thoughts that do not at all feel like my own line of thinking - but as I said before, this form of communication is definitely inferior to being able to astral project or visually peer in to the spirit realm to perceive spirits and facilitate full physical conversation!

I have began doing chakra work on a daily basis, I MUST Astral Project to continue progressing magickally!

And thanks bud! I consider everyone on here a valuable friend and ally, and I truly love this forum and feel at home here!