Looking for a ritual to reconcile back my ex

Good afternoon everyone, I’m Yeo. I recently join this forum in hopes of finding someone or something that can make my ex return back to me and start a second chance. I’ll put down a ful detail of what happened and what I’ve done in attempt to make her return to me.

In late 2017 we first get into relationship everything was going well, I paid her transport fees to come to my country (she’s living in my neighbouring country) and live with me for awhile before going back to her homeland to celebrate New Year with her family.

But I had to attend to a 5 month camp which is compulsory for my country in the enlistment act which last from February to July. That’s when things starts to fall apart.

I’m the camp I can’t get in touch with her and we got misunderstandings and eventually she left me for some guys oversea during the eve of my birthday which is 1 month before the completion of my camp.

In the end of July I finished my camp, I tried to do whatever I could to make her return to me but no avail and that’s when I start to use the spiritual method of getting her back.

Since young I had certain knowledge of Thai occult practices and culture so I went to ask a few masters for help, but all these rituals cost a few hundred so I’d no choice but to use my monthly allowance to pay for it. I once tried a Vashikaran effigy and it didn’t work and somehow I lost the effigy somewhere I don’t know where.

I went to on for a few months from July till today finding masters and whatever to get her back. I even did the Heartagram ritual twice a few months back.

I spent over a thousand over this past few months and nothing seems to work, she is still currently dating the other guy. So I had no other choice but to seek help here for any experienced Brother and sisters who can show me what ritual is needed to get her back, or even recommend a master to me if possible. If unable to do so i hope I can find a ritual here where I can do it to make her leave that guy and return back to me.

Note: I want her back is not for sexual purposes, I’m willing to take care and stay faithful to her and not cheat on her. I hope everyone who can read this is able to give me a chance and help me thank you.

There are a lot of threads on this subject so please avail yourself of the search function.

We do not do rituals for others, though we get asked to do so a lot, but we can offer advice and instruction on how to do the magick yourself.

Do you have any advice or any instructions of what should I do first or what ritual is recommended?

Do as I advised and search the forum. There are tons of love spells, and “get your ex back” spells on here. Just click on the magnifying glass, type in “love spells” or “get my ex back” and then read the threads that come up.

But for my case whereby she’s currently in a relationship with someone else, do I need a break up ritual for them? Or the love one will make her automatically end it.

Can you help me where i can looking for some ritual to get my ex bad. We are seperate 9 months but i still love him also my son crying wants him back. I did many mistakes but i changed and now i can make him happy.

First, please introduce yourself in the NEW MAGICIAN AND INTRODUCTIONS area and tell us about yourself and whatever magical experience you may have. It is a rule of this forum.

Second, use the search function on the upper right. There are MANY threads on this subject.

I was try too many things like a love spell rituals with candle. But nothing special all i know is from you tube. I was with my partner 7 years everything was amazing. But after 6 years i have some bad term. My behavior was bad and too many things… my partner left me and now he doesn’t want give me a chance. He doesn’t believe me. But i changed now i know what i want and why. Also my son praying every day to come back.

Have you tried Duke Dantalion and Sallos? Dantalion is amazing for changing minds and Sallos is also amazing for reconciliation :heart: The search bar is your new friend don’t feel afraid to have a look blessed be​:heart: