Looking for a "I Don't Give A Fuck" spell

So, several years ago I get a car accident and since I’m paralysed (there is no cure for now).
The thing is that when i meet people they often tell me “you are beautiful it’s a pity you are in a wheelchair” :woman_shrugging: or talk to me like I’m dumb or worst talk to the person who is with me “she is…” .
So i was wondering: is there a I Don’t Give A Fuck spell, in order people don’t even notice my disability or that it doesn’t affect their decisions about me?
I’m tired of hearing “if only you weren’t in a wheelchair…”.


Build up mental and psychic power and project that out. You suddenly get the fear and respect of a pissed off Professor Xavier if you get focus it well enough and want that or just change their views in the moment with mental nudging.