Looking for a HD picture of Raphael

Hello, does anyone have a beautiful HD picture of the archangel Raphael? HD enough so that I can get it professionally printed and use for invocation/pay tribute to him. Thank you.

The issue I see with this is that Raphael (and most spirits) dont have a set form. So, while you can get one picture of Raphael it will be one form of him and may not be personal to you. A spirit such as Raphael is also versatile, so you can evoke the “divine physican” form of Raphael but you can also evoke his warrior form -the Christian Raphael who bound Azazel. So getting a picture of him is possible, but you should consider what form you want. As a side note, I tend to draw spirits myself and act through that, the more personal you make it -through intent, the more powerful it is.

Thanks for your answer Azael. Well I’m looking for the healer version of Raphael if that makes sense…

You could try opening his sigil, then drawing whatever comes to mind. That’s the way I usually draw spirits, that way if I get a full body image that’s good. Otherwise you get other symbols or idea that you can use in ritual

Good idea, but sadly you can compare my drawings with the drawings of a baby from kindergarten. So I think whoever I’d attempt to draw would feel very insulted :slight_smile: And I am not yet blessed with clairvoyance. Too bad, a picture would have been a nice addition to a Raphael altar!

I’ve seen posters online?