Looking for a Glamour Spell for a Man

I’ve looked into summoning a spirit to help with glamour/beauty/alpha male attractiveness. But maybe I just need a powerful spell. I’ve already used the book “Lucifer and the Hidden Demons” by Theodore Rose; I have requested an increase in personal beauty from Beelzebub, and magical glamour from Gramon – but honestly, I don’t know if the pathworking approach to these demons is working, or if I’m doing it correctly. For example, I never felt any presence, and I’ve been trying to approach various entities for some time.

This leads to me to wonder if I should just focus on a really good spell? Does anybody know a great spell for a man to use? I’d like to request a sexual charisma and male beauty that attracts people who see me and encounter me in everyday life.


It is never the spell, it is always the magician. We could provide you with the most powerful spell in existence, and it wouldn’t do you any good if you don’t know how to use it.

Creating a glamour is easy. Learn energy manipulation and you can charge your aura with charisma and beauty. No need to bother with spirits of any kind.


I might be able to help.

I’d absolutely love and appreciate any help you could give!!!

Do you happen to have any books/texts/resources that you recommend for me to learn energy manipulation and/or learn how to charge my aura with charisma and beauty?

I have used both of these rituals, several times, and I have noticed great results each time. I have even worked with Lucifer directly, using the Pathworking given in the book, to this end, and have been nothing but pleased with both the short-term effects and my long-term progress.

The author states that you do not need to sense a presence for a ritual to be successful. All you must do is perform the pathworkings as described, and trust that the demons have heard you and will respond. I’m sure you’ve heard this before, however, so perhaps a story would be more effective in demonstrating the magick’s efficacy.

Sometime after I had been working with Lucifer’s Legion for just a few months, I had the pleasure of attending a somewhat small, but still enjoyable party. There I was approached by a woman who stood very, very close to me, and seemed to be almost in a trance. I, of course, flirted back, and after 10 or so minutes of this (with things going from just words to being more physical) we opted to play a party game together.

Across the table, a friend of mine and another young woman were playing against us. The woman whom I was playing with did not stray from my side, practically clinging to me, while the woman across from the table also began to flirt with me. The two ladies even got a little argumentative with each other, which I must admit was quite amusing. All the while, I was making double-entendre puns with the woman at my side, and at one point she whispered “not as close as I’ll be” in my ear.

Shortly thereafter, we went into a side-room to grab a drink. When I asked if she wanted to get out of there, she seemed a bit confused for a moment. After a couple more minutes of flirting, she said that she had some people she needed to leave with, and excused herself. Apparently, I later learned, her boyfriend had been there as well, presumably witnessing the whole affair.

After this I spent a moment in the side-room, where I was shortly joined by the other girl who was across from the table. We talked for a little while, and though we were not quite as physical, the looks she gave me were evidence enough that I was having an effect on her.

It was around this time that an old enemy of mine, whom I had since submitted to me, left the party as well. The evening had already been enjoyable enough as it was, but that was a particularly delightful moment seeing his reaction to my escapades.

Forgive the self-indulgence, but it would be quite the shame for anyone to read your post and assume that Lucifer would not be able to deliver the results that they seek. Perhaps you would benefit from the power of Bariol, under Amaymon, to embrace the power of patience. If you allow Lucifer to share in your desires, he will help you fulfill them. My doubts about that have long ago been shattered.


I recommend Robert Bruce’s stuff. His book Energy Work, and his courses are pretty comprehensive and will give you the basics on manipulating energy.


I did a forum search for “charge aura” and got the below link to a post. Hope this helps you.


Thank you for this detailed and lengthy response. I appreciate the time you took to write it. And I wholly agree with you. In my post, I did not mean to suggest that the pathworking approach to Lucifer in the book wasn’t working. If that came across, I wholeheartedly retract it. What I was trying to get at was my frustration that I had not experienced any obvious signs of presence. I know that this is common and I have read time and again that I should not seek or depend on outward signs and I should not lust for a result. Yes, I know these things in my head, but it’s difficult to know them deeply and to live in constant awareness of that knowledge. I guess it’s one of those “easier said than done things” for me.

I was super excited to read about your experiences, and it makes me even more excited to continue working with Lucifer. Also, I will definitely look at working with Bariol! Thank you again!

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My apologies if I came across as a bit brusque as well, just seen to many posts going “my ritual didn’t work in half an hour, point me to magick that works pls,” which can be tiresome, but I can understand where they’re coming from.

I came into this magick already experienced with other forms of occult work, so I was able to sense the demons well enough in the beginning, though my experiences with them have certainly changed and grown as we become more familiar with each other. You may find it helpful to summon Shahtan as well, who should help you develop your senses, and help you learn how to use this particular system well.

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I agree with @DarkestKnight. I have Robert Bruce’s Astral Dynamics. It covers energy, aura, lucid dreaming, astral projection, and other altered states of consciousness. There are several books in my library that I bought to cover each of these. When I got this one it was a serious face palm. I could have saved my money and just bought this one book. I can’t recommend it enough.


I prefer to use glamour spells with focusing on what I need to change through candle meditation, and splash water on the areas I want to appear different. (My skin usually glows after for a few hours).

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I second the Astral Dynamics suggestion, Bruce’s New Energy Ways (NEW) system is great for energy-work. It’s not something that I regularly practice now, but for a while I did most of the exercises for clearing and opening the various channels throughout the body.

One of the ways that glamour magick works is by disturbing the auras of those you encounter, and so I can see how allowing energy to flow through your body more easily, which allows more to flow overall, could help boost the effects.

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I find men who work with love goddess energy tend to be highly irresistible

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wow, what an amazing testimonial of an experience using this book.

Thanks for sharing

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Lucifer is great for “party magick” in general. Back around the time of that story above I was regularly attending parties at this place (I also knew the hosts) and would summon Lucifer before attending, asking for the demon’s presence at the event.

The vibes were excellent. Bangers only from the DJ (an actual DJ, not a spotify playlist), a vibrant dance floor, a healthy flow of alcohol and other drugs, incredible sexual charge all around (that was LGBT friendly), no getting sick except for this one guy I hated who always got sick (there’s always that guy) and at least to my awareness no rapey stuff or creeps ruining the sexual energy for everyone else. There was one guy who was a big time creep, couldn’t take a “no”, got way too up on the girls, but he pissed off one of the hosts and was ejected, thankfully. You can’t always prevent all the bad stuff, but magick tends to deal with it pretty quickly and easily. I also like to think I contributed to the vibes. Sometimes at parties I like to be the chaotic enigma who brings the goods and shows off some moves. Someone’s gotta inspire the younglings.


Sounds nice, unfortunately house parties aren’t really a thing in the UK, if they are, I don’t know about/see them much at all. People only have house parties here when it’s either their birthday, Halloween, sometimes Christmas or for New Years Eve.

I’d love to go to a party like that though, especially one that has LGBTQ+ people there, guess that will have to wait as my whole life is a delay of various kinds, not that anyone cares however.

Nothing like a good night out, with a good amount of drinks, nice people, the opportunity to actually get laid and good actual music from a DJ, sounds nice

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