Looking for a demon for spiritual ascension & possible curse?

for the past year and a half I have becomed obsessed with wanting to live outside this world I guess. I want to communicate with spirits more than I do people. ive been through bad relationships, drug addiction ( which I FUCKING CONQUERED), I just feel like ive had enough of this world. idk how to expain my urge but it wont go away. I want to dedicate my life to this, whatever this is. it has led me here, at first I told myself no ill never do anything like that… today is the first day I have decided to accept it because no matter how much I try to deny it, it creeps right back into my mind. and no matter how much I try I cant get anywhere not even as much as lucid dreaming. anyways, my life the past 8 months has been HELL to the point where I wonder if I was cursed by this woman I used to work with. Most rescently I fell down steps and hurt my back and broke my wrist that was two and a half weeks ago then yesterday some guy turned into me on the highway and wrecked my car that I fucking love. Honestly I have wanted to die idk whats going on but im trying to follow the clues and here I am. ready to say FUCK IT and be MY OWN GOD. I have felt a strange attraction to Azazel

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Evoke Azazel then :smile:

Also, the creeps you are getting are from doubt that it’s real. I suggest watching and reading some others experiences with the senses. It’ll help you get over your doubts.

Edit :
Basically, stop doubting yourself and believe you can do the things that you are putting your mind towards. It’s a similar concept from the 12 step program, which I think is dumb af… but it does have some good points.

thank you!! you are so right, I do doubt myself. I have been trying for a while to communicate with spirits and haven’t made progress in the ways I think I should have, but I did start to see not their figures but just haze where the spirits were and idk what it is but something comes and I can feel it on my hands and if I relax it will make my fingers and hands move and do weird things and it has even lifted my arm. have you ever heard of this? and that’s not my only goal, I want to shamanic journey, astral project, and gain knowledge not of this world. the urge came out of nowhere but its ripped my life apart but I still know its going to be with me for the rest of my life. I just feel completely stuck in my own personal hell and i cant take it anymore. before i even knew about evoking demons I started with the deep urge to make a pact with a spirit so it all led here. sorry so long

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That’s you perceiving your own energies.

Just be patient and take your time.

I wouldn’t recommend diving into a pact, I have been contemplating it myself but I’d much rather be me verses in the spirit / demon I am writing my pact with.

I’d recommend practicing Energy Awareness techniques for a while until you can get comfortable with your own spiritual energy.

so I used my own energies to move and lift my arm and fingers without even realizing it??? that’s pretty crazy

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